Thursday, July 26, 2012

Singapore Day 1

Travelling to a new place has always been my way of escaping from reality and sense of relief overwhelmed me once I saw the 'Singapore' signboard. Singapore was awesome, I want to go back there!!! I felt safer there than back in Malaysia! Public transportation  is more efficient and it's connected to most of the shopping malls there. We took the First Coach Bus and it was a 5 hours ride to reach Singapore, plus visit to the customs too. We were playing Blackjack and Chuo Tai Ti in the bus and talking and obviously we're the only ones not sleeping. I'm really happy that I have another country's stamp in my passport!

First day activity is shopping! So once we dropped our bags at Gary's (Samantha's really super nice boyfriend) place, we freshened up and ate some economy rice for lunch and took the MRT to Orchard Road. Orchard Road is deadly to your wallets. I mean it, a straight road and shopping malls in all shapes and sizes and it was during the Great Singapore Sale too.

Emily's happy!

Ice-cream Sandwich is more popular in the streets than normal  ice-cream cones  or the one with the stick. There was so many of these stalls as you go down the street.

People buying clothes in H&M like they have not seen clothes before in their entire life. It was like a warzone in there.

A birthday gift for my cousin.
Of course, I bought a few stuff from there and waited an hour to even enter the fitting room and it was nice that they have a spacious fitting room with a chair too but I can't wait for the H&M store in Malaysia to open and it will be a warzone too once it does so now I am prepared mentally and physically.

Time passed so fast that we were practically starving and we were wandering around looking for a decently priced place for dinner, then we stumbled upon this shopping mall with a super tall escalator and the little explorer in us took over the hungry cries of our stomach. The restaurants there were high end ones so we didn't have our dinner there but the view from the building was beautiful. I have forgotten to take a picture of the automatic doors that they have in that building! It made me feel like Magneto for a split second as I held my palms straight to open the door. ;) In the end we settled for Genki Sushi for dinner because Genki Sushi seems to be extinct in Malaysia and we were too hungry to even look for other things. I was too hungry to even take pictures.

I am so sad that we didn't have enough time and we were too tired to wait to try out this ice-cream! I'll be back Cold Stone! Wait for me!

Another really important place that we missed out was the Abercrombie & Fitch store. I was really curious to see if there are hot shirtless men with 6-packs working in that store and we did pass by it before and there was a few of them, shirtless at the entrance. I am drowning in regret right now.

The second day post will be about my trip to Universal Studios Singapore. Prepare to be bombarded with loads of pictures. :)

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