Friday, January 9, 2015

Boston Baru madness!

If you haven't made a trip to Restoran Boston Baru when you're in Klang then you're missing out! Word of advice, if you don't want to wait for an hour plus for your dinner, do arrive around 5.30pm, as the restaurant starts setting up then. People would start queuing even before the restaurant is open. By now it is a little overrated but yet, people still come back for more. It was my second visit since two years back so was there any changes?

Not really, everything still taste the same to me, the quality of their signature dishes is still going strong!

Initially, we expected nine people but only six of us turned up and by then, we couldn't cancel our orders anymore. All these dishes were big portions and is to feed nine pax. We got a big challenge to finish it all and I was the only girl so I got to step up my game! Operation black hole began!

Mantis prawns fried with Nestum, is one of signature dishes of Boston Baru. Crispy and sweet prawns that'll make a good snack too like chips! I love the Nestum bits and I usually sprinkle some on rice or eat spoonfuls of it on its own.

Signature Hokkien Mee. I'm not a big fan of Hokkien Mee but I give this an exception because they are generous with their crispy pork lard pieces. :P

Another signature is the Fried Kuey Teow topped with a raw egg to add more richness to the noodles which is already packed with flavour and has the right amount of wok flare. They can't go wrong with Deep Fried Squid, crispy on the outside and bite into the juicy squid on the inside.

Crispy Mantis Prawns with Creamy Corn sauce, another signature dish. The sauce is not too rich and its corny (no pun intended) the cream doesn't empower the corn. Frying the mantis prawns with curry leaves makes it more fragrant.

Simple Garlic Stir-fried vegetables to balance out the other heavy dishes.

This right here is the star! Steamed Lala in superior soup with chopped ginger and chillies which adds a good spicy kick to the broth! Fresh lalas that's clean from sand (Which is rare!) steamed to perfection with Chinese cooking wine. It's no wonder this is a MUST order! I gobbled up the entire plate myself because it's that good!

KL rates:
Food- 8/10
Price- Average about RM20 above for each person
Service- 5/10 
Variety- 8/10

After this trip, I'm going to need a detox and maybe I'll come back to get my Boston Baru fix again this year!

Jalan Kapar, Kawasan 18, 
41300 Klang, Selangor. (Same row as Lembaga Tabung Haji) 

Operating Hours:
Daily from 6pm till midnight.

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