Monday, July 2, 2012

We are the In Crowd and We The Kings!

I'm finally done with my fourth semester! More time to blog now! Been postponing this post for so long already. So this is another last minute concert that I went with my best friends and we were chilling in Chatime before we head to the concert venue.

Samantha & Emily! :)

Really AWESOME POPCORN CHICKEN! I didn't know Chatime sells fried chicken like the ones you can get from the Shihlin Taiwan Food shop.

I thought we were late and the line would be super long but surprisingly it wasn't and the venue was not filled up,maybe only half of it was.

Bunkface took the stage to perform first! Still can't stand the lead singer's hair.

This is Kyoto Protocol and it was our first time seeing them and listening to their  music and I gotta say, they are pretty good! Their music is quite funky with catchy beats.

This is Oh Chentaku. I don't really like their music as much as I love rock music, theirs is just not my cup of tea.

After the performances from the local acts, we waited for about an hour for We Are The In Crowd to get ready which is really normal because the sound system in Malaysia sucks literally. Lots of screaming whenever one of the members come out to do some adjusting. I am not familiar with this band but once they start playing,I knew that I was going to like them.PLUS! There are hot guy members in the band! Like Cameron Hurley and Jordan Eckes. ;)

Yes,I took lotsa Jordan's pictures because I thought he was the hottest and the other girls also thought he was the hottest until I turned my head to Cameron Hurley and he gave his megawatt smile at me, I nearly died of happiness so now I am Team Cameron! It's sad that the sound system was so bad that I couldn't hear Taylor's voice really well over the music but it was a good show by them!

After concert look, all sweaty and pumped up for We The Kings!

Bumped into Abu and his friend too! He's a self-admitted We The Kings fanboy. Turns out his friend is Samantha's primary school friend,such a small world. :)

Then finally We The Kings came out and Travis was so sweet and friendly! He apologized about how the sound system is not working and he actually sang most of the songs acoustically which was so beautiful. When all of us sang together,it was like we are one with the band. He has a beautiful voice,no need any retouching at all!

Since it ended really late and the place was kinda dark,I couldn't see my phone but once I got home I saw this!My phone's case turned pink and I was like HOLY WTH happened then I remembered about the heart shaped red paper cause my hands were stained with it too. -_-lll

Well, adios! I'll make sure I will blog more. ;)

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