Friday, July 13, 2012

Sunway Lagoon with the Karats!

We welcomed freedom after handing in our last assignments for this semester by having a day out at Sunway Lagoon! This happened last month and we actually got to play some of the Extreme Park rides and enter the Scream Park because I managed to get All Park tickets for only RM50 which is half-price from the usual RM100! :)

Me, Joyana, Ayesha, Lena, Jaclyn and Charmaine/Kepoh. All the hot chicks in a row! XD
We met Joyana for the first time during this trip and thank god, we did not scare her off haha! Too bad we didn't get a picture of the boys!

The pictures are taken by Can. :)

We just had to make Jaclyn sit on this ride so that we can caption the picture 'Teacup pig!'. She could sleep all day, literally and still feel tired.

Look at these 2 Turkish boys! Hahaha!

Before going into the Scream Park.
I chickened out once it was our turn to enter because one of the workers' who was dressed up like a zombie jumped out of the door and scared Ayesha, Lena and I so never gonna step into that place ever again.

Look closely and you'll know why we're laughing at him.

Us on the Pirate Ship.  Since it turns 360 degrees, the harnesses were really  tight  so it really hurts and  it's scarier than the other 360 degrees ride because there's nothing to catch us if we all.

 Had dinner at Teh Tarik Place and Kemalcan came to join us for dinner!

Ayesha and Lena left after dinner so the rest of us went to a mamak nearby cause the Turkish boys wanted shisha and we were talking about Kepoh's heritage cause she's from an indigenous group of Sabah called Kadazan. Jaclyn was distracted by the Harry Potter movie which was playing on the TV.

We're going to have a early celebration for Ayesha's quarter of a century birthday tomorrow! Can't wait for it! She's going to be so wasted. XD

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