Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cafe Korea, Sri Petaling

Yes, another cafe for them cafe hopping folks to check out! This time we head to one that's inspired by Japan's neighboring country for a Korean wave at Cafe Korea! Situated beside Kinrara mamak, it's a cozy and pricier place to yumcha but who can say no to a place that has a wide range of Pat Bing Su (Korean ice kacang) and imported Korean instant noodles?

The beau ordered the Butterscotch Latte which was not bad! Wrong move for ordering it during dinner because he has a sleepless night. :P

OMG OMG OMG THIS JJAJANG MYEON WAS SO GOOD!!! I'M SALIVATING JUST BY LOOKING AT IT! THIS IS AS GOOD AS THE ONE I HAD BACK IN LOTTE WORLD, KOREA!!! Soft yellow ramen-like noodles drenched in deliciously thick black bean sauce! The only issues the beau and I had with this is that the portion should be bigger and more sauce please! :D
Jjajang myeon- RM14

Each main was given a small saucer with pickled radish which gave a nice crunchy bite to our meals.

I ordered the Kimchi fried noodles since there was a promotion going on that night where we get a cup of green tea for only RM14. Not for people who can't
take spicy food and is not a kimchi fan because it's a yummy kimchi goodness! I hope they make their own kimchi because it's has the right balance of sour, sweet and spicy!
Kimchi noodles with chicken (Option: Rice)- RM14

We ordered the Milk Pat Bingsu and it's not much to rave about. It's tasteless and you're only getting some sweetness from the red beans. The mochi is really yummy though! It has red bean filling but somehow, there's honey in it too! I accidentally ate most of the mochi so the beau was a little upset. :P
Milk Pat Bingsu- RM13

I wasn't full enough so I thought of trying the Pumpkin Porridge. Bad move because it's tasteless just like the bingsu. It would be nice if it was sweeten with some honey or sugar. 
Pumpkin porridge- RM8

- Prices might be slighty inaccurate because I forgot to take pictures of the menu. 

I would try some of their instant noodles next round, but mostly I would go back for the Jjajang myeon! :D If anyone has any of their instant noodles and other bingsu flavours to recommend, do let me know! 

KL rates:
Food- 7/10
Price- Mid-range 
Service- 6/10 
Variety- 5/10

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