Saturday, July 7, 2012

Charmaine/Kepoh's 21st Birthday

Kepoh = Nosy brown noser. That name is already imprinted on her to the point where I introduce her as Kepoh to my parents haha but that name is really suitable for her because she's like a stalker/spy and she knows about things before we even know about it and she accepts it too. :P

This was a really last minute thing because Kepoh was suppose to go to Langkawi for her birthday but that plan was cancelled so a bunch of us just made an impromptu plan to celebrate it in a club and we found out that Bedroom has a deal of 2 vodka bottles for only RM500 per table so made the reservations a night before. Then on the 23rd June, we met in Morganfield's for dinner and after that we head to Bedroom .

All pictures are taken using Ayesha's camera and Ayesha so credit goes to her. :)
This was taken when Ayesha, Kepoh and I was getting ready at Ayesha's place and we were sharing the hair curler. We were arrived late but we were fashionably late.

Birthday girl looking beautiful on her big night! :)

Most of the girls who came. Ayesha, Kepoh, me and Joyana. Dickson was shocked after he took this picture of us cause we look hot,hahaha!

The boys! Dickson, Kemalcan, Berk, Farid and Can with his infamous 'arms wide open' pose.

We just had to take a picture with Can posing like a pimp and we even taught him how to say 'Ladies' and 'Pleasure!' cause we want him to be a ladies' man. At the same time, at least he's improving his English.

The lovely couple, Joyana and Dickson and they met during National Service and has been together ever since then! :)

The BFF's! Most people thought they were gay cause they are always together but they're not! Berk's leaving  on the 18th so we're pretty sad. :(

Can and his antics. :)

Ayesha and I. :) It was my first time wearing red lips and I have to say, it did boost up my confidence and I feel sexier. ;) I was wearing a black lace toga dress which I got from an online blogshop years ago so I can't remember where with my first 4-inch heels which I bought a day before from Nichi for only RM79.90, it was really comfy too. Surprisingly, Nichi's shoes are pretty nice and affordable and not auntie-ish cause usually their clothes are mostly bought by aunties.

Farah bought our birthday girl a Flaming Lamborghini and after that a shot of B52. Plus, she had a shot of Bacardi too and before that she had a few glasses of vodka mixes. She was pretty much wasted so it was a success! She was so entertaining in that state and we couldn't stop laughing about it the next day. There was a lot of 'I Kissed A Girl' moments too. ;)

I don't know if I was yelling or debating about something with a glass of water in my hands. Trying to sober up cause I was feeling a little tipsy already. You can see my shoes better here!

Still got energy to pose at the end of the night and I think Can took this picture. Joyana is giving the 'don't look at me'  pose.

To conclude that night, we discovered that Can speaks fluent English when he's drunk so we plan to make him drunk so that he can speak to us properly in English. He was actually talking to some random dude in the club in English and he even understood what he was saying and he doesn't even talk to us like that when he was sober! Farid was drunk on just on Orange Juice and he was dancing with the Turkish boys on the dancefloor which was so funny so we gave him the name O.J. It was my first clubbing experience with my friends in Malaysia so it was fun because of the crowd that I went with but the music in the club was so bad that we wanted to move to another place but we didn't cause we were waiting for some people to come.

Next one will be for Ayesha's birthday and Berk's farewell and I can't wait for it! :)


  1. looks like you had a great time :)

    1. I sure did! :D I love your style! I'll follow your blog. :)

  2. i love glam nights, one of the major reasons i enjoy life! :D all of you looked fabulous. and hey, we use the term Kepoh too here in Indonesia! :D


    1. Thank you! Really? Is it the same meaning?

  3. lovely! just lovely!

    1. Thank you so much! You look lovely too! :)


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