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Singapore Day 2

We went to Universal Studios Singapore the next day and I was so excited because it was my first time and I heard so many awesome things about it from my friends! So be prepared to be bombarded with pictures.

Most pictures are from my Blackberry, Gary's and Emily's iPhone,and Amanda's camera.

Emily and I at the playground near Gary's place. We were waiting for Gary and Samantha to get some things.

We took the MRT and the bus to Universal Studios and Samantha told us that if we ever want to enter the casino there, we have to be 21 and we need to show our passport. There's no dresscode needed too. Too bad my birthday has not passed yet, I would like to try my luck at the slot machines. :)

A tourist shot is a must! Especially with the Universal Studios globe!

Emily helped me channel my inner child when we were at the entrance. I was giddy with excitement!

The moment we stepped through the entrance, it felt like we entered into a new world. So many people with their families with smiles on their faces and cheery music playing in the background, I think I found my escape! :)

I felt like I entered a new world where our favourite movie characters came to life. This area is called 'Hollywood'. I was hoping to bump into Marilyn Monroe or something haha!

First mascot we saw and we had to line up to take a picture with him. Another plus point about this, we don't have to pay to take pictures with the mascots! HELL YEAH! My first reaction was, 'YAY I GET TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH FRANKENSTEIN!'. Once I stood beside him, these are the thoughts that came into my head, 'HOLY SHIT THIS IS SHIT SCARY, WHY IS HE TOUCHING MY FACE?! GET ME OUTTA HERE!'. So that's my 'I'm freaked out but I want to look nice in my picture' pose.

Us girls were pretty much scared of Frankenstein after that.

Then we head to New York!

This diner seriously reminds me of 'Grease', it's like any moment Danny and Sandy might pop out and start dancing on the street.

Spot ELMO at the bottom! Many children were lining up to take pictures with him and Emily and Samantha were lining up too but too bad they had to leave. :(

We head to the first ride of the day which is...

Had to wait about an hour cause it's like freaking inception inside where you think you're reaching the entrance but you don't. The line inside drags on longer.

But it's all good cause it was an awesome ride! Went on this ride for the 2nd time around the evening when the crowd died down. :)

Crowd fascinated by the twists and turns of the infamous twin roller coaster. My heart was already beating with excitement and a little fear of the unexpected. Then, Samantha saw something that could take my mind off the hot,blistering sun.

*Cue Heavenly rays with BGM* My eyes went from O_O to *_*. I practically speedwalked there. Well for some parts cause I didn't want to lose my friends. We had to pass by Egypt to get there.

Entrance to the washrooms. Epic but I like it! :D

Scary but AWESOME ride and I lost my new pair of sunnies while riding this. They were not kidding when they said you are not allowed to bring your sunnies and phones while riding this. Even the walkway to the entrance of this ride is spooky with dark corridors and BGM that sends shiver down your spine and it's cold too.

We were imitating two of the Egyptian costume dudes that was walking around in stilts cause suddenly they just raised their arms like they were doing the Tai-Chi Watermelon move. I think they kept shooting daggers at us after that.

Had to pass by Dinosaurland too.

Was starting to get a little hungry so we got some nanchos! It's not bad.

And finally... WE ARE HERE!!! XD


Fail curtsy.


Don't know why the lady looked so angry.

Thor's furnitures!

I told them that this is my future house! XD Well, it has always been a dream of mine to live in a castle or a mansion. We sat on the Dragon roller coaster there and as roller coaster rolled into the platform, you can see  fear and tears on the children faces. The workers there were saying 'I don't know why the kids are crying. It's not even scary'. We rode it and during the ride, I turned to Emily and said 'Now I know why the kids are crying'. The ride has sharp turns that makes you feel like you're gonna fall off the roller coaster. Definitely not kid friendly even when they don't have 360 degrees turns.

We saw Puss in Boots so we girls literally ran to line up to take a picture with him.

My Singaporean friend told me this show is a MUST watch. They have a few show times throughout the day.

I did not take any pictures of the show because there is a high possibility that you might get splashed and we did cause we sat on the Wet Zone. There's a Dry Zone too if you're not keen on getting splashed. The show was amazing! It had some comedy even when it is so action packed! So many good stunt men and women! Plus, the men were good looking too! ;)

We finally went for lunch after the show and I got myself the kiddie meal cause it's the cheapest and they give free lunchbox also! In the end, I gave the lunchbox to someone else cause I had no one to spoil.

Dinosaur nuggets!!!

Yes, Shrek's house is HUGE!

I got this just because I want that potion bottle. There was another design that looks like those scientist flask but it was not for sale sadly so I got this one instead. I ordered Fruit Punch and it was so sour but it was nice since it was a really hot day.

We were really lucky that day because they had a parade! So they closed off the streets for it. There's Charlie Chaplin to kick it off.

Here's the thing about Dracula. The girls was high that they were like calling him 'Hey, handsome! Come here!'. So he did came really close to us, smiled and then flashed his fangs and walked off.

Oh look it's Woody Woodpecker!

Madagascar's entrance!

King Julien was actually saying stuff but I couldn't hear anything cause I was too distracted by the music and the penguins.

Water was being squirted to the audience.

Then it's The Land of Far, Far Away's turn! Fairy Godmother seriously looks like her and Prince Charming was cute from far but as he got closer, he looked super gay and the wig was too big for him.


Puss in Boots and Pinocchio!!!

Then it's The Land Before Time/ Dinosaurs. This guy came to us to let us touch it and it moves too!

I find this quite funny cause these people had to walk around and flap the wings or else it won't look like it's a flying pterodactyl. Holy crap, I actually managed to spell that name without error. I wonder why not they put like robotic ones that can be controlled by remote so that it is more realistic.

Baby dino riding in the truck like a boss.

That thing was squirting water too.

This one was really funny too cause you can see the person's legs in that costume. comes the best part of the parade!!! Mummy's Revenge!

Remember the so-called Egyptian soldiers that we were imitating  Turns out there's more of them and they have smoking hot bodies.

Omg, we girls were like screaming like groupies and seriously, I wonder how much do they get paid for just walking in stilts. Whoever who picked them has good taste.

Le Scorpion King was hot too! He came close to us and struck a pose too. I think it's because we were the only ones who were screaming and being all excited about the parade while the other audience just stared. Well, more eye candy for us! XD

His scorpion body squirts water too.

Oh another one of the highlights of this part of the parade!!!!

OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! We were fangirling like crazy the moment we saw him! He looks like those statues or mannequins, like where the hell did he come from?!

The Bellboys were really cute too but still cannot beat the Mummy/ Indiana Jones dude.

Parade ended and the park was pretty empty so we finally had the guts to try the twin roller coasters.

In the end, we sat on the Cylon/ Alien coaster twice cause it had more 360 degree turns and we even passed through 2 cold chambers and the seating is where your feet is dangling! The Human coaster was boring after we sat on the Cylon because it is like a normal roller coaster seat and there's no 360 degree turn at all and we didn't pass any cold chambers.

Went on the Transformers ride again too! XD

We watched some B-Boys performance and after that we head to the square by the lake to wait for the fireworks.

But as we were waiting, I spotted a bunch of guys standing on the stage nearby the square and I said to Emily, 'Omg, is that another performance?! Omg I am going to go kepoh!'. Then I ran there and boy, did not I regret it.

Once, they started singing, the girls ran to the stage too and yes, we fangirled like crazy again!

This was another highlight of the trip because they were so cute and they sing so well! They are called the Daddy-O's! XD

One of them seriously looked like Channing Tatum and we were singing and dancing along to the tunes cause they sang a lot of hits from The Beach Boys!

Samantha got serenaded by the Channing Tatum lookalike! OMG we were so jealous! She couldn't stop fanning herself too. Samantha said this is her ang moh husband. Gary was really sporting and even took pictures of her as she danced with him. Too bad they left immediately after performing! Or else we would taken a picture with them. We head back to the square to secure a nice spot to watch the fireworks.

The fireworks were amazing!!! It was the perfect ending for the day!!! XD

I know we have Candilicious in KL but this one is bigger!!!

When Emily was taking this picture of me posing with Jelly Belly, two Chinese men passed by and was saying that I look so happy in Mandarin. I was extremely happy, thank you very much! XD

Well, that's how I spent my entire 2nd day in Singapore! :)

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