Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Singapore here I come!

I'm going on a girls trip this Friday to Sunday with my girls, Emily, Amanda and Samantha! It would be my first time in Singapore so I'm pretty excited! We're heading to Universal Studios Singapore too! OMG I AM SO STOKED!!! Plus, it's our first trip together and we're going to another country too (actually it's just a bus ride away from Malaysia to Singapore but technically it's 2 different countries.)! Samantha's boyfriend was so nice to provide free accommodations for us there so we could save our money so BIG FAT THANK YOU TO HIM!

They are still having the Harry Potter Exhibition on Singapore too! I WANT TO GO SO BADLY! But it's pretty pricey for just an hour entry (it's timed entry). Heck, if I was feeling very stingy with my money on that day then I would rather just go to the souvenir shop to get my Harry Potter fix, more worth while in my opinion (aka I NEED THAT SLYTHERIN SCARF(though its going to cost me RM65,my inner Slytherin needs it and it can accompany me in my future travels.)!). I might not buy it if the materiel is not worth it so I may settle for the tie instead! The tie can be used if I ever feel like dressing up as a Slytherin student for Halloween and such (Nothing related to 50 Shades of Grey as much as I LOVE the series! CHRISTIAN GREY IS SO HOT!). Maybe I'll get the tote but I would treat it like my *cue Golum* 'Precious...' because it might get snatched by some uneducated people who does not know the worth of that Harry Potter bag. On a side note, to all Malaysians, BE CAREFUL AND DON'T WALK ALONE WHEREVER YOU GO!

Harry Potter has been my childhood escape to another world and it's really sad that it has ended. I will never forget the discussions that I would have with my friends after reading the books and I was such a dreamer that one day, I would actually get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts (Still waiting!). I made a Pottermore account too but I'll leave that for another post. :)

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