Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wunderbath Time!

I finally have time to bring life to this inactive blog and you have no idea how happy I am for this!

If you haven't heard about Wunderbath then it's time to make your way to their first physical store located in Da:Men USJ. Though the traffic there is a pain but it's worth the journey!

They officially launched their store back in 28 January this year and I was one of the lucky ones to have the first look of the store.

A bathtub is not complete without some duckies!

Looks like ebi sushi but it's not a sushi!

It was also the launch of their latest product, the Wunderbutter Spray! If you feel that the Wunderbutter Body Butter is too rich for you, you can go for the spray version instead which is lighter and great for traveling! 

Got to witness an interesting demo from Shafiqah, makeup guru of Pinkboxcereal on multiple ways you can use the Lip Stains on your face.

Kye Lin and Evelyn Wunderbath
Me with Evelyn, Founder and Girl Boss of Wunderbath.

Here's the collection of snaps from my Snapchat from that day!

So far I have used their fried chicken, fried egg (Don't worry they don't smell like the real thing!) and diamond soap because 'we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky'. Also tried out Youth Potion (RM24.90, 50ml) from their latest range of Wunderbutter Sprays and it's the best for those lazy days where you can't be bothered to slather on your lotion. It's so easy, just spritz it on your arms and legs and don't forget your back too.

Source: Wunderbath
You know how much I love their Lip Stains range too and now I have all the colours! Usually I will switch the colours according to what lipstick I'm planning to wear for the day but on a daily basis there's at least 2 Lip Stains in my bag. Can't live without them!

What Wunderbath products have you tried? 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

International Women’s Day with Under Armour and Biotherm Malaysia

Well since El Nino is not leaving us yet, it's time to bring our workout indoors. Which was what Under Armour Malaysia did as we celebrate International Women's Day a few weeks back. Biotherm Malaysia was also part of the celebration too since we women love our skincare!

under armour international women's day biotherm
Biotherm's latest Life Plankton range which Candice Swanepoel starred for the campaign.

under armour international women's day
Too bad I couldn't participate in Robyn Lau's session because it's full. Her session looked a bit intensive but hey we all need that push to get stronger!

under armour international women's day
It's my second time attending Atilia's yoga session and she's a great teacher, wish I was as flexible as her!

under armour international women's day
Deep in concentration while someone takes that chance to selfie.

under armour international women's day
After we're all yoga-ed out, it's time for face yoga with Biotherm Malaysia where we were taught to massage certain pulse points on our face to keep it toned and healthy!

under armour international women's day

under armour international women's day
One day I will have guns like Joanna! Also I'm wearing a top and bottom from Ash Be Nimble, with sandals from Zalora.

At the end of the event we were given a 20% discount on all store wide purchases of Under Armour items by flashing the Under Armour dog tag. Since my friend is a good salesperson, I got myself a t-shirt since I need to layer one over my sports bra and some hairbands to keep my baby hairs in check. 

Too bad I missed out on the complimentary skin analysis by Biotherm Malaysia, I was curious to know about my skin condition since I am using new skincare products from Aesop. 

I can't wait for more cool workout sessions with Under Armour! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Seeking hydration Indeed!

Most of us think we have oily skin so we end up using products to get rid of the shine. But actually our skin is already dry so it produces oil to retain the moisture and protect your skin. So using those oil-combating products only makes your skin more oily which is going to make spend more on products that is clearly not helping.

What our skin need is more hydration. I discovered Indeed Labs last month with other bloggers from the Butterfly Project during their launch in Muse by Watsons. Their star product was the Hydraluron serum from the Hydraluron range (For dehydrated and dry skin), just what we need!

muse by watsons indeed lab beauty counter butterfly project
Fellow butterflies flocking around the beauty counters to test out Indeed Lab's products.

Irene, one of Muse by Watsons makeup artist did my complimentary makeup and I love it! She used Peri Pera Lip Ink on my lips and my eyesss, how does she do it?!

indeed labs launch muse by watsons cakes and pastries chocolates fruit tarts
They know us well. Most of us have a separate stomach for desserts (pointing at exhibit A).

muse by watsons indeed labs launch beauty counter butterfly project
These are the range from Indeed Labs that can solve our skin's woes such as the Fillume is a wrinkle filler and Nanoblur is somewhat magical as it acts a primer to smoothen your face and cover lines and tighten your face a bit too! 

muse by watsons indeed lab beauty counter butterfly project skin analysis
Waiting for my turn to get my skin analyzed. So curious to know what's the situation with my skin.

muse by watsons indeed lab beauty counter butterfly project skin analysis
Looks like my skin is sort of hydrated.

muse by watsons indeed lab beauty counter butterfly project skin analysis
This is the bane of my face. Blackheads, whiteheads and etc. My pores are always filled with those pesky things.

muse by watsons indeed lab beauty counter butterfly project skin analysis
And my T-zone is oily as predicted. Guess it's because it's not hydrated enough.

muse by watsons indeed lab beauty counter butterfly project makeup skin analysis video
This is the short Instagram video I did on that day. If you haven't followed me on Instagram, follow me at @kyelinspot or Snapchat is more of your thing then add me at kyelinspot!

muse by watsons indeed labs hydraluron review butterfly project
So I have been using the Hydraluron (RM115.60) for almost 2 months now , twice a day before moisturizer. I think it really helped with my skin. (You can buy it from Watson's Webstore too!)

It claims to 'increase skin hydration from below the surface with an ultra-high-quality hyaluronic acid that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water.' It's made in Canada too.

muse by watsons indeed labs hydraluron review butterfly project
It has a transparent jelly-like texture and it's really fast-absorbing, less than 30 seconds and my skin was smooth to the touch.

muse by watsons indeed labs hydraluron review butterfly project
It did help with my T-zone area as it's less oily and my cheeks are not that dry too. It's best to use this before your moisturizer so your moisturizer is easily absorbed into your skin. I think I'm going to try the entire range from Hydraluron since my skin is looking better thanks to that serum.

Of course, drinking loads of water is still the best way to stay hydrated inside and out! Remember, don't skip the moisturizer in your beauty routine!

Get your hands on Indeed Labs' products from the Muse by Watsons store at:

Sunway Pyramid
LG1.59, Lower Ground One,
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm
Tel: 0356241261

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eat the Meringue in Sitka Restaurant

You have to try the Meringue cake from Sitka Restaurant. Jalan Batai is getting more attention lately thanks to the newly opened Ben's Grocer but today it'll be about Sitka Restaurant, one of the shops along the Yellow Brick Road Cafe. Heard good things about it from some friends and finally had a chance to try it out with the beau for lunch after my recent job interview (Which is now my permanent job!).

Sitka Restaurant
Source: Sitka Restaurant
Sitka Restaurant
Source: Sitka Restaurant
It has a cozy interior with its industrial-inspired architecture which is cliche because almost all cafes are going for this look. But when it's crowded, most of its coziness is gone with the noise.

sitka restaurant
Have some Mocha (RM11) and some house-made Mango cooler drink (RM10) to quench your thirst.

sitka restaurant
Lunch is served!

buttermilk fried chicken sitka restaurant
I ordered the buttermilk Fried Chicken (RM23) which comes 2 pieces of chicken topped with honey and thyme with a piece of waffle and half a cob of roasted corn. It smelled so good and the skin is the best because it's crispy and I love my skins to be that way! 
However, when I cut into the chicken, it was still a little raw inside so naturally you will call the waiter to get it cooked again right? I did and the waiter said oh it's cooked already because the chicken has been soaked in a brine, he gave me a face of frustration and said if you want the chef to cook it again it will take 15 minutes and the chicken will be dry.
Because I'm nice and I felt his urge to leave since it was a busy lunch hour, I just let it go. But recently someone told me that their chicken was not raw inside when they had the Buttermilk Chicken. Oh well, at least I didn't get any tummy ache from eating slightly raw chicken.
It was juicy inside but my brain keeps replaying Gordon Ramsay's 'This is raw!' throw into the bin scenario as I was eating. The corn was cooked well and so is the waffle but for the price I am paying, I expect them to be more generous with those elements.

sitka restaurant
The beau had the Duck Confit sandwich which had teared up pieces of duck confit, roasted oranges, parsnip and herbs scattered on a toasted bread. The combination of the duck and orange is a winning combo as usual! Just the portion is not enough for a big eater that's for sure. 

meringue cake sitka restaurant
This Meringue (RM15) cake was one of the best cakes I've had in a long time! Described as Valrhona Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries, every bite was decadent! Its chocolaty and not too sweet too thanks to the tartness of the berries. Slight crispiness from the meringue layers just adds more fun to the party in my mouth! I will come back for this cake!!!

KL rates:
Food- 8/10 (Only because of the buttermilk chicken and meringue)
Price- Steep, about RM18 above
Service- 5/10
Variety- 5/10

No. 8-5, Jalan Batai
Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cause we are Under Armour's Women of Will!

My October ended in a really inspiring note (Yes it's almost the end of November and I am only talking about October now.) after I attended the Women of Will campaign launch by Under Armour that was held at the Rooftop, Avenue K. This campaign was held in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month to celebrate the Pink Ribbon cause. Since I have never participated in any of the events held during Breast Cancer Awareness month for all these years, I though why not do something this year to show support to breast cancer survivors and patients? 

So there I was at the rooftop on a Sunday in my Under Armour Hero shirt anticipating to hear the stories from the breast cancer survivors and the yoga session that will be taught by Atilia Haron who's reminds me of a fairy but a yogi fairy!

Sunglasses are the best because it hides your tired eyes but you'll see my tired face in another photo.

women of will under armour malaysia
It's a beautiful day for some outdoor yoga!

women of will under armour malaysia
I'm the odd one out sitting among the Influencers. It pays to be early I guess hahaha!

women of will under armour malaysia
Some of Under Armour ambassadors were giving a few words on what they think about the campaign. This event is also hosted by Hansen Lee who is one of the ambassadors as well and he is really fit like with veins popping out and a yogi too!

women of will under armour malaysia
Amnah Salleh was one of the breast cancer survivors who shared her story on how she found out that  she had it. 

women of will under armour malaysia
Quek Chu San was the other breast cancer survivor who shared her story. She lived an active healthy lifestyle and yet she was diagnosed with cancer twice, one was breast cancer and the other cancer was found at another part of her body. 
After listening to their stories, what kept them strong and optimistic during those hard times until today was the support that they had from their loved ones and their will to fight through it. Such strong women and I hope that one day I will learn to pull through those hard times and come out with a brighter drive!

Puan Nori Abdullah who is the wife of Malaysia's current Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin was there to share her thoughts and launch the campaign together with the rest of the ambassadors by releasing Under Armour balloons up to the sky!

After the launch, Atilia began her yoga session, it was a gentle routine that was easy to follow for me because I have not been yoga-ing ever since I started working. Need to get back into the groove! I couldn't do the headstand and crow pose though. But it was nice to see others who were able to do it. :)

women of will under armour malaysia
Baby hair problems at the back there. But at least I know I am doing the pose correctly. I'm wearing  Ash Be Nimble's Hooked on a Feeling Support Singlet (RM90) underneath my Under Armour Hero tee from the Power of Pink range with some leggings from Cotton On's fitness line.

Finally got to meet Lena after a really long time too! She was looking good in Under Armour from head to toe! #outfitgoals like the ambassadors too.

With the Women of Will campaign, Under Armour has pledged to donate 10% of all proceeds from its Power in Pink range for the entire month of October to its charity partner, the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA). Under Armour has also set up donation boxes at all Brand Houses too so you can still donate even you're not buying from that range. The Power in Pink range is so pretty, I wanted it all such as the clothes and accessories but my purse was yelling NO the whole time. But hopefully the range is still available in stores now because pay day has come!

The Under Armour Brand Houses are located at:

Sunway Pyramid
LG1.19, Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid
Bandar Sunway, No. 3 Jalan PJS11/15,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +603-5611 3788
Business Hours:
10.00am – 10.00pm

Mid Valley 
G-012, Ground Floor
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2201 1399
Business Hours:
10.00am – 10.00pm

Lot 5.02.00 & 5.03.00, Level 5,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2110 1288
Business Hours:
10.00am – 10.00pm

Suria KLCC 
Lot 335, Level 3, Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2181 6737
Business Hours:
10.00am – 10.00pm