Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Two years and more to come! (at Fuego, Troika Sky Dining)

Been battling with flu and cough since last week and there's seems to be no sign of it getting better, plus, my right eye had a mild infection which started on Monday but thankfully, it's getting better. The beau and I celebrated our 2 years anniversary on 12 October and after debating on where to eat and etc, we decided on Fuego, Troika Sky Dining. The weather was not forgiving so we had to run through the rain just to reach for the other block where the restaurant is located, hopefully the Troika management can do something about it like build a shaded walkway.

Service-wise, Troika Sky Dining is one of the best, upon reaching we were ushered to Claret Wine Bar to wait while our table was being prepared. I have been to Fuego once for a cocktail shoot for the magazine I was working with before and during that time, it hasn't officially open yet so I was curious to see if there was any improvements to the layout and such.

After we were brought to our table, I can say that nothing much has changed, it's still a semi-outdoor dining and the tables were pushed back to the shade because there was a drizzle so as the wind blows, we get some natural facial mist (rainwater). Who knew it would drizzle the whole night? Also, my apologies for the bad pictures, it was dark and we only had a candlelight to shine on our food.

Drink of the day, Passion fruit caiprinha - RM38
I think they're pretty generous with the alcohol over here because you definitely feel the kick after a few sips of this refreshing drink. More alcohol than passion fruit juice.

Stuffed Jalapenos - RM25
Nothing much to rave about for the jalapenos but I like the cheese they used to stuff it, it mellows down the heat from the jalapenos and gives a nutty aftertaste even without the addition of the crispy exterior.

Smoked Snails in the Jar - RM30
Can I just say that this was a bit of a disappointment? Looks great with the smoke was trapped inside but it tasted bland with a strong garlic flavour. I thought the smoke would give this dish an edge, taste-wise. I presume it's suppose to be a cold dish as well? Snails were not overcooked but this dish just didn't meet my expectations.

Rare French Beef Flank (±500 gr) - RM125
The beef almost hit the medium-rare mark, which will put its name to shame if it did. Was it a bloody and yummy feast? Not really, it was just mediocre in the blood department and taste. It was chewy and you need a lot of sauce to enjoy the meat. Portion-wise, it was enough for us both because we are big-eaters.

According to the menu found on their website, it is coated with Peaty Whiskey Salt Rub, Yuzu & Black Pepper Sauce. The sauce lacked some depth, like there's something missing in it or else it would have been better. I think some juice from the meat will make it better?

Pressed Potato - RM20
The beau picked this as one of our sides for our main. It's a nice starchy addition to sort of cleanse our palate to eat more meat. I like the black olive tapenade on top!

Portobello Mushroom - RM25
I think this side was our favourite dish because them lightly grilled portobello heads mixed with the crumbled feta cheese and lemon yoghurt was just yum in our tummies! I guess I never tasted mushroom that has not been washed with water (We just love washing every single vegetable before cooking it hence, our mushrooms already absorbed some water pre-cooking.). For mushroom fans because it's light and creamy and you get the real mushroom flavour with no water.

Can I just say that this was basically the winner of the night? Like this dessert is hands down winner to us!!!

Leche Frita - RM25
This beauty right here is Deep Fried Milk Croquettes, Coconut Pudding, Lime Jelly, and Fresh Mango. Now imagine all those components together in your mouth. It's so good to the point that I would order another plate of it if I had space in my stomach and I wouldn't wanna share it. Actually, I would go to Fuego just for this. If licking the plate is not frowned upon, I would have done that too.

All in all, Fuego is a great place to catch up with some drinks and snacks while looking at the city view. Was the food worth the money? Not really. For me, I would go back for the Leche Frita and maybe try more of their tapas. I already tried their guacomole, which was alright, the special point is that they don't use tortilla chips, they use deep fried plantains instead.

I'm wearing a romper from Something Borrowed, oxford shoes from Jeffrey Campbell at Bazarro.KL, and mirror clutch from Jaspal.

Thank you for the gift too, my dearest beau, I'm sorry we had to exchange the bracelet to this purse instead, I have skinny wrists so buying bracelets is a challenge! It's already stuffed with loads of nonsense but very little ka-ching. Must control thy spending!

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