Friday, July 6, 2012

Random photoshoot

Last month my friends and I did a mini photoshoot to take pictures for my friend's make-up portfolio and at the same time I could use the pictures to submit for a competition. :) So I packed almost half of my closet there cause I don't know what to wear and I brought a bunch of accessories too. My friends said I looked like I was running from home and actually I could with that much clothes,hahaha! So Amanda, Emily and I went to Amanda's friend, Carlyn's house to get the make up done.

The before picture.

Make-up in the process.

Changed and it's time to do the hair and Carlyn had to rush because she's meeting her cousin so she had to speed curl it.

Speed curl or not, it looks really good! It must be her magic curler, I should get that curler. Haha!

Found a good spot for taking pictures! :)
After that Amanda,Emily and I went to Tropicana City Mall to get lunch cause we were starving and we can't function without food in our system. We had lunch at this small bakery/cafe place called Pastry Culture' because they were having a lunch promotion where you get pasta with a bottle of mineral water and a dessert of the day for only RM9.90 if I'm not mistaken and we think it's an awesome deal. We get to choose the toppings and the sauce for our pasta too! The pasta was really good because it was cooked individually instead of all together so the taste is consistent, the downside was it took a while to get to us and they gave us a really good Blackforest cake as a dessert. If I ever go back there again I promise to take lotsa pictures of it and write a review. :)

So after we recharged, we went to a spot which I remembered has a pretty nice backdrop for taking pictures and I changed into the super high heels that Carlyn borrowed me, I still wonder how you girls walk in these kind of shoes cause I almost tripped a few times.

Emily was the photographer that day and she was really patient cause I am not exactly an expert in posing. Look at Amanda and Emily taking the infamous toilet mirror shot while I was changing to another outfit.

Went back to the same spot again to take pictures.

Damn those shoes made my legs look so long. The good side of wearing sky high heels.

I should invest in one cause it can act as a weapon too,one throw and if I have good aim,it can actually hurt someone. Ladies get a pair of sky high heels instead of pepper spray.

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