Sunday, May 13, 2012

Uncle from Germany came down!

Florian, my uncle came down to Malaysia for a visit recently for a week because he was in Singapore for a business trip. It has been years since I saw him and looks like he never changed one bit. He managed to bring us some chocolates and sausages from Germany!

That's my grandma, Uncle Florian and my cousin, Kye Tze at the front. Me, my little sister, Kye Chin, my cousin, Kye Ernn, my other little sister, Kye Jan and lastly, my cousin, Kye Ci. Yup, our names all start by Lung Kye.... people think its weird because we all start our names the same way.

When we were younger, I don't know why my mum cut my hair that way. I look so old.

While walking around IKEA. I love that place, awesome food and furniture and household stuff. I can't wait to get my own house someday and decorate it to however I want it to be! XD

Hopefully on the end of this year, my sisters and I are able to travel to Germany to visit my uncle's family there! We plan to travel around Europe for a month to places like Switzerland, Amsterdam, Paris, Poland and maybe Austria too! I miss Europe, it has been years since I traveled there. Good thing about traveling is it like an escape from your daily life/routine back in your own country, no one knows you there and its a new way to open your horizons about other places. That's why I have always have dreams to be an air stewardess or a travel writer/host like Asha Gill and Samantha Brown or have traveling as part of my job!

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