Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hanger Magazine Spring/Summer Launch

A week ago, I was invited by Roxy Malaysia to attend Hanger Magazine's Spring/Summer Issue launching event in ecoba, PJ Trade Centre. It was my first time there so the venue is a really nice place and I heard it's all made out of recycled products. So I was one of the earliest and we were provided free drinks courtesy of Absolut Vodka and Redbull and we each got a free Hanger magazine too! :)

These are the pictures that I took with Baby (my blackberry's name) from the event. :)

There's an article about the Roxy Girl competition in the magazine too! I love actually reading this magazine because it's different from the usual lifestyle magazines I read like CLEO. The fashion pages in the magazines are all from designers that I rarely heard of which is interesting. It's a magazine about alternative things like music, fashion and events. You can buy this magazine in bookstores now.

A performance from The Impatient Sisters. Their voices are really soothing so I feel so chillax while I was enjoying their performance. :)

Me and Catherine! She's one of the nicest people I have ever met and she really cares about us Roxy Girls.

Yasyka, Sher Lynn, me and Veeiean. :)

I was asking Yasyka about her hobbies and she said she's into surfing and longboarding. Since I have always wanted to try surfing, I asked her how did she got into it and the other details. Now I feel more encouraged to really take up surfing but it's quite expensive to get a surfboard so I have to work harder and spend less to afford one. I can't wait for a chance to be able to learn surfing because I have always wished that I could just go to one of those surfing camps that they have in Australia to learn! The only place I knew where we could surf is Sunway Lagoon so Yasyka told me you could surf in Terengganu too! One day I will go there to check it out!

Lyna decides to join in too! :)

This is Miranda from Hanger Magazine. I really loved what she was wearing that day!

Dustyhawk took these really nice pictures during that night!

The girl is SueAnn Chong, editor of Hanger Magazine. If I am not mistaken, I think she writes for Tongue In Chic too.

Me and the lovely, Ashley! :)

The Roxy Girl's who went for this event.

They won the Best Dressed Award that night, I LOVE HER HAIR! I really want to try to dip-dye my hair but the damage my hair has to go through just to dye it in bright colors is too much of a risk to me. Maybe once the curls are not too damaged then I might do it. :)


This is so cute! I have to give props to Lionel for taking pictures for us everytime! :)

These are the pictures that was posted on Hanger Magazine's facebook page.

We were the earliest there,hahaha! :)

There was a performance by Darren Ashley and I really love his remixes! They are so catchy that I wanted to start dancing but it would be so awkward when no one is even dancing to it.

Last group shot after the event ended. We were shouting, 'WE LOVE HANGER MAGAZINE!'. XD

I met a famous local singer at this event but I am not going to tell who yet. You just have to watch this space! :)

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