Friday, May 11, 2012

Ipoh getaway with the Karats.

So during our last week of our mid-semester break, Ayesha, Charmaine and I traveled to Ipoh to stay over at Jaclyn's place for 4 days and 3 nights.

Charmaine aka Kepo who's not part of the Karat family but she wishes to be in the family,hahaha! Ayesha's the mum and then Jaclyn's my sister who works in the petting zoo as the animal itself,hahaha!!!

We're known as the Karats (Rust in Malay language) because our daddy,Nigel Chin said so (He's in Adelaide now, leaving the family alone in Malaysia. :-( ) basically the children doesn't have a say in anything.

So as Ayesha, Charmaine and I were on our way to Ipoh, a Proton Saga FLX Gold coloured with a Kedah number plate, was tailgating Ayesha's car and there was 2 Malay men in the car who kept staring at us as they drive side by side our car and kept flashing too! It was so annoying, scary and stupid at the same time because the left lane was free of cars and they didn't want to go to that lane. They were basically stalking our car. Seriously, we couldn't avoid them until a Honda came in between so that Honda basically saved our lives or else we would have been stalked all the way to Ipoh.So ladies, if you're going on a girly trip and these stupid people comes and disturbs you, just ignore them and follow your lane, if you drive faster, they enjoy the chase more so be very careful! If it is getting worst then I suggest calling for help.

Since Nigel could not be with us, we took this to represent Nigel! XD

So we dropped our luggage at Jaclyn's place then we went for Chicken Hor Fun at Ong Kee Restaurant! How I miss Ipoh's awesome food!

  Jaclyn with Nigel the penguin! We brought him together with us the whole time.

Charmaine and Ayesha with her favourite chillis!

We watched some movies after lunch, such as White Chicks which is our all-time favourite! XD

 Then it came to dinnertime and this is our tradition, whenever we come down to Ipoh, we must have Char Hor Fun for dinner!!! On the first night, we went to this shop! Sadly, I did not take any pictures because the minute the food reached our table, it's gone in seconds! Which further proves how good it is!!! We ordered a plate of squid, Char Hor Fun (DUH!) and Wa Tan Hor which is not as nice as the Char Hor Fun and some Pork.

 Call us crazy but on the 2nd night we went to the other restaurant which is beside the one we went yesterday to eat the same thing again because they both sell the same thing. In my opinion, I prefer the first shop because the Char Hor Fun there tasted better! The second shop gives bigger sized squid which is also a good thing! No pictures again cause it was Hor Fun.

The next day, Lena invited us to her home for a steamboat dinner with her parents! It was again filled with awesome food hence no pictures. Her parents were really cool! They made us eat so much that I couldn't even breath properly. After dinner, we played some cards and then we went home.

The reason why we had steamboat at her place instead of going out to a steamboat restaurant is because, we were still scared from what happened the last time we came to Ipoh and had steamboat at one of the steamboat restaurants here. It was about 10.30p.m and there was still many people in the restaurant, we were sitting outside beside the main road and behind our table was another table with 2 young girls and beside our table was a table full of guys.

We were so engrossed into a topic until we heard one of the guys at the next table yelled, then a girl screamed and we turned around we saw a man with a motorcycle helmet grabbed one of the girl's bag and just drove away on his motorcycle. It happened so fast and everyone was in shocked and I feel so bad for the girl. It was pretty scary too because it was my first time witnessing this and it was so close to our table, the man could have taken our bags because all of our bags are on the chair in between Jaclyn and Charmaine. So immediately after that happened, we just paid and brisk walked to our car and was so paranoid and afraid the whole night.

So we were pretty scarred from then on until today, Charmaine and Ayesha even brought cheap sling bags to Ipoh instead of the normal handbags to Ipoh and we even put our important stuffs in 1 bag instead so that all of us don't have to bring all our bags out. So again, I am going to say this! BE SUPER SUPER SUPER CAREFUL WITH YOUR BAGS, ALWAYS KEEP THEM WITH YOU,DON'T PUT IT ON A CHAIR, PUT IT ON YOUR LAP!

 P.S: I got a new laptop because my Acer laptop died on me when my assignments deadlines were so close so I had no choice but to get a new one. Everyone please meet Lambo from Asus! He's a notebook! XD

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