Saturday, May 26, 2012

My 10 Favourite Food in Turkey.

Another I miss something post. I miss Turkish food a lot! You can't get good ones in Malaysia and some places selling them are overpriced too. I don't mind going back to Turkey to just eat. Someday, I will have my own private jet and I could just fly to Turkey to eat or visit anytime I want. A girl could always dream. :-)

I think I love almost everything I ate there so it was very hard to choose the 10 nicest ones! I surprised many people there like my host families and friends because a petite girl like me can finish a plate of Iskender kebab, ask for more rice (OMG I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I SAW RICE THERE! Can't live without rice. XD) and basically just eat so much. I did gain some weight from that trip which is good cause I need the weight!

My 10 Favourite Food in Turkey(not in any order)

This is Sulu Kofte, meatballs in carrots and potatoes broth. SO GOOD! My host mums' made it for me and I always go for 2nd servings. I miss my host mums' and their cooking. :-(

 This is called Manti. It's something like ravioli and its covered in yogurt and some spices. The best one that I had was somewhere in Besevler, Akin and Bugra brought Anya and I there and it was like a buddies date because my buddy was Akin and Anya's buddy was Bugra. I miss those two boys, they were the few of the nicest people that I have ever met in Turkey.

This one is called Gozleme. It has minced meat and spices inside and usually you roll it and then you eat it. It's like a thicker version of a Roti Canai and with filling. Beside it, is a drink called Ayran, which is plain yogurt mixed with water and salt.

This soup is called Corba and it's so good omg,just thinking about it makes my mouth water!Those white stuff are like noodles and it's like a vegetarian soup. I had this almost every once a week at my workplace over there.

Omg,this one is like one of the most awesomest things that have ever eaten in my life! This is called Dolma cause it does not contain meat inside, the one that contains meat inside is called Sarma.It's rice cooked with herbs and wrapped with grape leaves and it is kept in a container filled with water and usually people will boil it when you want to eat it because it taste better when its hot and it is eaten with yogurt. I have never ate so much yogurt in a span of 1week in my life.

This is a traditional baked rice with herbs and spices and pieces of beef. You can get this in Beypazari.

This is Cigborek! It's deep fried pastry that contains minced meat inside! SO SO SO GOOD! Mouth-watering also!

Akin brought me to this very famous place which sells the AWESOME Cigborek above! Many local celebrities dined there before and it is located in Eskisehir, which is just an hour train ride from Ankara.

Really good roast chicken and....

RICE!!!!!!!!!!! XD The way they cooked their rice is different than the Asian people where we use steam to cook our rice or a rice cooker. They will first cook the uncooked rice with oil on a pan then they will pour boiling water onto the rice and let it simmer on low heat until cooked.

I don't know the name of the dessert on the left but the one on the right is called BACLAVA!!! *throws confetti around* I LOVE THEM BOTH! One of my host mums' made that dessert on the left and IT SO AWESOME TOO OMG!!! Her family and her neighbour has always made a gathering every once a week to catch up and share gossips so I was really happy that I get to join them and meet new people and eat awesome food too. :-)

I saved the best for last. May I present to you one of the most AWESOMEST dessert I have ever eaten in my entire life! THE KUNEFE TOPPED WITH TURKISH ICE-CREAM! Omg, the sweet cheese-like thing underneath the crispy things which I think is coconut. I had this on the last day before I left Ankara thanks to my dear buddy, Akin. :-)

Every dessert fan or anyone who has a sweet tooth must add this to your list of MUST have desserts to eat before you die. So where can you get this super awesome delicious must eat dessert? Well, you can get it in any MADO ice-cream shops all over Turkey! You would be happy to know that they even opened a branch in MALAYSIA! I never got the chance to visit MADO in Malaysia yet but I heard from my Turkish friends that it's just as good as the one you can get in Turkey. :-)

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