Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Results will be out soon.

Not sure when the results of the Roxy Girl Competition will be released because some said it is on the 16th and others said it is on the 17th? Oh well, I feel a little nervous as it gets closer to the day where the winner will be announced but no matter what happens, I will be happy for the girls who won the competition! It is the journey and experience and the people that I got to know that matters! I am very lucky to be even chosen as one of the finalist so I am very grateful to Roxy Malaysia for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime! It's not everyday that a girl gets to experience the things only a Roxy Girl can enjoy. :)

I am very happy to have met so many beautiful girls and people throughout this experience! It was so interesting and fun to know so many people with wonderful talents and personalities and I managed to make so many new friends too! I can see why all of us were chosen to be finalist for this competition. :D

I still remember the time when I was around 15 years old, seventeen magazine gave free tickets to whoever who bought that certain issue, for the Quiksilver Revolution Tour 2005 which was held in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. My friends and I even got Roxy goodie bags and we were very excited to see The Click Five perform that day! It was my first time attending a surfing event so I was very curious to see the pro surfers that day plus I was excited to see how do the pros do it. I remember there was a surfer named Julian Wilson and years ago, he was on the Quiksilver billboard commercial in shopping malls and I would always get excited because he's was the cutest surfer! :D My friends and I would scream his name when he surfed during that tour. XD

Too bad that they don't have anymore Quiksilver events. After that event, I was hoping that they have it every year because it's so exciting and fun!

I have always been eager to try surfing but that event has really skyrocketed my desire to take up surfing and till today, I still want to try it out even after watching movies which portrayed surfing as a very dangerous sport cause you might get bitten by sharks in the sea.  If I can't try surfing then I might try snowboarding! Jia Von, a friend of mine who's studying in Canada told me that Roxy Canada only sold winter wear and snowboarding stuff so she hopes that one day, she can see my face promoting Roxy in Canada. Hahaha! I'll let fate to decide that.

Skateboarding would be cool too! I have a few friends who skateboards and there's a guy in my university who always travels around with his skateboard even when there's so many people. One day, that guy almost knocked into me too. If I ever learn skateboarding, I shall take Tony Hawk as my mentor cause I used to play the Tony Hawk game on the Playstation, haha! I won't skate at crowded places cause I might injure someone. Maybe I could take Avril Lavigne as an inspiration cause she was a skateboarder during her 'Complicated' time.

This competition has been fun and though there's some competitiveness going on between the girls, I hope they had fun too cause I certainly did! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour! :)

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