Saturday, April 21, 2012

SUM 41 CONCERT 2012!

I must blog about this before I forget because this concert was one of the best concert experiences that I have ever been to!!! I lost hope when I found out it was too late to get the early birds tickets hence, it was pretty expensive and Emily and I were running out of time to even get the tickets before Saturday which was the 14th of April. Suddenly, I saw that my phone had 3 missed calls from Emily so I immediately called her back cause I assumed she had something urgent to tell me but it turned that her sister managed to get us FREE VIP TICKETS TO SUM 41!!! My heart stopped beating for a few seconds then I started getting excited and start imagining the wonderful things that could happen during the concert. XD

I never ever been to any VIP section in concerts, let alone for free! So I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to Emily's sister and her boyfriend for being so kind to us and giving us their tickets! I nearly cried for joy! Another good thing is that food and beverages were provided for the people who has the VIP tickets! FOOD!!! XD

I was already in KLCC around the afternoon because I went to redeem my prize from Tongue In Chic which was a complimentary makeover from Burberry and a special prize! I think I have fallen in love with their products! The products didn't trigger any sensitivity issues to my skin which was awesome! The guy who did the makeup for me was really nice and informative and the products he used to put on my face so thank you so much to whoever you are, I wish I have gotten your name. 

Can't really see the make-up here but I can tell you that he gave me a natural smokey eye look using brown tones instead of black because he asked me if I would like a natural look or smokey look. I told him I was going to a rock concert but I want something not too over the top so he managed to achieve that for me. :-) Really love the lipstick which was called Tea Rose, a very common name for lipsticks cause NYX has a lipstick with the same name, I wonder if the colors are the same? Maybe I can do a comparison someday.

These are the special prizes. Which are samples from their new summer collection. Me like! XD
He applied this makeup base on my face and I can honestly say this is a really good product because it actually gives you a dewy look and it can also be used for highlighting!

This is the foundation he used on me which matched my skin tone perfectly .

Have not tried out the lip shades yet and the other two are darker toned foundations which they suggested to me to use as a contour.

After getting my makeover, I went to check out the new japanese magazines in Kinokuniya and went to have tea with my family at Starbucks. There was this lady and her daughter in front of me and they were taking their sweet time asking stupid questions about the tumbler when there was already a long queue behind me! Some people are just so inconsiderate. Anyway, after that I went to Pavillion using the newly built bridge which connects from there to KLCC. It was air conditioned and shaded so it was nice but its quite a walk too and a bit confusing cause the signs are not specific enough but I made it there and met Emily there too. Then, we walked to KL Live while using Emily's recently bought RM10 umbrella cause she said it was too cute to not buy it. LOL

So when we arrived there,there was already a big crowd waiting in line and we couldn't wait in line because we have to wait for Emily's sister's friend to pass us the tickets. Jason, Emily's sister's friends came and he was really nice and funny but Emily and I were were beforehand to not stare at him because his girlfriend will kill us but the thing is how can we talk to a person and not look at that person? -_-lll

Well, we actually felt like a VIP because we got the privilege to enter the venue without queuing and since we were early, we picked the best spot which let's us have the best view of the stage!

The spaghetti was so horrible, it was cold and hard and as much as I hate to waste food, I couldn't finish this but the other finger foods were nice, like the brownies! Too bad I forgotten to take pictures of those.

Bunkface! The lead singer's hair is so ugly omg please change your hair style but I have to admit that he looks better now than before! He gained some weight and muscles so VERY NICE!!!

Emily and Sabrina who does not own a Facebook account,haha but she's so nice  and  she also got free tickets from Jason. Yes, they serve booze during the concert which is kinda unexpected! I thought Malaysia would have banned booze in concerts,haha! It was nice to enjoy some Guinness during the concert. 

OBS also known as One Buck Shot, we were trying to guess who OBS is cause  they wrote that in the brochure instead of the full name so we had like a big 'OH!!!' moment there.

Waiting for Sum 41.

Still waiting after more than 30 minutes.

AHHHH!!!!SUM 41!!!!!XD

My love for Sum 41 has grew stronger because they are so friendly to their fans and Derek was so funny on stage because he kept doing those funny poses and he even brought a few fans on stage! Someone even threw a mineral bottle on stage and he didn't even get angry cause he threw one back to them! XD They played so many of their hit songs, omg I swear I was going to lose my voice from screaming along and I was still coughing!

I feel so nostalgic listening to the songs which I used to sing to when I was still a teen!

Picture courtesy of AFO radio.

Sabrina, Emily, Sabrina's brother behind there with the tongue haha , Jason, me and  Sabrina's friend.  Emily and I were like "All hail, Jason!" the entire night cause he was so nice to give us the VIP tickets and he even dropped us back.
Sum 41, even if you came out late (Probably cause they had Sambal Petai a day before which means they probably had diarrhea and they visited Batu Caves that morning too.) WE STILL LOVE YOU!!! PLEASE COME BACK TO MALAYSIA!

Big thanks to Jason because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have made so many new friends and get a really nice view of Sum 41 and experience the VIP side during a concert too!!! :-)

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