Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 1 as one of the Top 20 Roxy Girls

Before we go to that, I was having a night class on last Tuesday when I received an email from a Roxy representative which stated that I was chosen as one of the Top 20 finalist for the Roxy Girl competition (Malaysia leg). I was having a bad day plus I was super exhausted so the email really made my day and I couldn't stop smiling the entire day! :D

I was very surprised that I even made it cause there was so many beautiful girls competing and my picture was not the best that I could do and I didn't get a lot of Facebook 'Like' too. I feel so bad for giving so much trouble to the photographer that day cause I was not very good in my poses but she managed to take a good picture of me so kudos to her!:)

So we had a Meet & Greet session on the 15th last Sunday in the Roxy, Pavillion store so that we get to meet the other finalists. We had our hair and make-up done at Snips Academy in BB Plaza plus, were taught on how to catwalk by a professional and lastly we had a photo shoot and video shoot at Zebra Square.

Most of the pictures are taken by Dustyhawk (The minute I saw his business card, I knew he photographs cosplayers cause he has Hatsune Miku on the card and also because I saw his username in the Comic Fiesta forums.) and the Roxy Malaysia photographer who came with us. :)

Since I was one of the earliest to arrive, I got a chance to choose the outfit which I was gonna wear for the shoots later so lucky me! XD

The finalist getting briefed about the activities that we will be doing together and also what makes us a Roxy Girl. Spot me in the back.

Catherine is our leader and she's so nice and caring to all of us!

The turquoise girls! Yasyka, Pui Cheng, Sher Lynn and I.

Group shot with the girls!XD

After our briefing and some pictures, Catherine got us a bus and it brought us to Times Square to visit U-Mobile because U-Mobile is one of our sponsors. On the way there, I spotted a man carrying a bunch of heart-shaped balloons and he was running towards a girl so the first thing that came into my head was "HE'S GOING TO PROPOSE TO HER!!!" so I was like screaming in the bus, "A MAN IS PROPOSING TO HIS GIRLFRIEND OUTSIDE OMG!!!XD" so all the girls saw it too and we all went like "AWWW~~~!!!". I wish the couple to have a happy life together! :-)

Nice shot!

Fun shot! XD I bet everyone is curious of what's inside the goodie bag, so they gave us a cute dragon pendrive which is 8Gigabytes and a diary. After taking pictures at the store, they brought us to Papa John's for lunch so thank you very much U-Mobile and Roxy!

After lunch,they brought us to BB Plaza to get our hair and make-up done for the photo shoot and video shoot later.

I love Ashley's hair cause she dip-dyed the ends of her hair red and it looks super nice!

Found out Pottermore was open for registration so I Whatsapp my friends and all of us started playing it.

Catwalk lessons from the pros.

Then they brought us to Zebra Square. We did the video shoot first and it is an individual one so I was the last one to do it and you don't wanna know what the heck did I do, I didn't even get to see it so I don't know if its bad or good.

Man, I look ridiculous here.HAHAHA!

We then got our pictures taken individually so that we can use the nicest picture and make it into an invitation, hence,  my previous blog post.

The outfit that I chose. :-)

Group shot!
From left: Natasha, Cheryll, Johanna, Fitrah, Cherie, Ashley, Sher Lynn, Yasyka, me, Pui Cheng, Isabelle, Syafinaz, Samantha, Janaliese, Elyna, Cherry and Vian.

I don't know what on earth was I doing.

Failed jump shot. LOL

Getting ready to go back to Pavillion!

I can't wait for the fashion show this Sunday! If you all are eager to see us in the flesh then come and support us! :-)

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