Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm in the Top 20!:)

I invite you, my lovely readers to come to Mid Valley this Sunday to support me for the Roxy Fashion Show. :) Your support will definitely make my day and yes, if I ever made a mistake on stage, you can give me some constructive criticism so that I can improve myself. I might end up doing something funny and at least I get to entertain you all. :P

I didn't expect to be chosen in the Top 20 for the ROXY Girl contest (Malaysia stage) and so far Day 1 was pretty good! I'll tell you about my Day 1 experience in the next post cause I need to sleep to prepare myself for Day 2 which is the surfing lesson on the 17th which is this coming morning in Sunway Lagoon. FINGERS CROSSED THAT I WILL NOT BREAK ANYTHING! :)

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