Saturday, April 21, 2012

First casting

I went for my first commercial casting last Thursday with my aunt, Charmaine and Eliza. It was super last minute because my aunt needed me to find any of my friends who are Pan-Asian or looks Pan-Asian to go for the casting for a Baskin Robbins commercial. When she told me that she's looking for Pan-Asian looking girls, I was like "What on earth is Pan-Asian and what's the difference?" so I went to Google it like any other smart person would do and it turns out Pan-Asian means you are either half-white or Eurasian mixed.

It obvious that they only want Pan-Asian people for commercials! Look at all the commercials on TV! Most of the people on it are like mixed with something. I suggested to her to just look for models cause most Pan-Asians turned out to be models but she said her client is just looking for 4 more extras and extras get paid about RM400. So I was digging through my facebook friends list and she was also looking at it and she found about 6 of my friends which she thinks stands out from the rest, too bad only half of them can make it to the casting.

I tried out too cause its no harm trying since now I know how the process goes and they already have my video of my expressions. Hopefully my expressions are convincing enough cause it was a bit awkward doing it alone in the room with just the person with the camera and with lights shining down on you.

The expression that I had to do was happy, sad, confused, thinking, angry and surprise. Hope it was alright cause I didn't practice it in front of the mirror before. Then lady told me to spin 1 round and she gave me a cup of ice-cream after that. I have to smile and eat the ice-cream and make the ice-cream looks like it's the most awesomest thing in the world (It is one of the awesomest in my opinion!) first at the left 45 degree angle then at the right.

As we were signing the forms, my friends and I were like "Ours will be the emptiest forms ever." because none of us had experience before but I am glad that now we're one step away to being exposed to this type of things. My aunt said, this will be a good exposure to us because they can use our casting vidoes for other commercials if we could not get the Baskin Robbins commercial. So maybe someday you might see me on TV! XD

Now, I should go get ready for a nice birthday dinner with my girls later! Toodles~

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