Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 2 as one of the Top 20 Roxy Girl finalist

We had flow riding lessons on the 17th in Sunway Lagoon! We were suppose to have surfing lessons too but the wave pool was being maintained so we only tried the Flow Rider. It was my first time trying it so I was really nervous! Plus, it was going to be my first time wearing a bikini, let alone a Roxy bikini. I have fallen in love with Roxy's bikinis! They are so cute and even the rashguards are so cute! XD

I have insecurities for wearing a bikini because I am a little flat-chested and I don't have the Va va voom body like Miranda Kerr too but after putting on this Roxy bikini, I actually felt really comfortable! It's like the cuteness of the bikini took away my insecurities and boosted my self-esteem. Now I think I want to get a few bikinis from Roxy because they are all so cute! Plus I saw the latest collection with the cute monokini too and some rainbow coloured ones, omg must resist temptations cause I am broke this month.

Most of the pictures are taken by Roxy Malaysia.

We were being briefed by Catherine about the safety procedures.

Then, the professionals told us to do some stretches before this so that we don't risk any serious injuries. Try to spot me there!XD

I actually only attempted this the last minute because before that I tried to wear a tampon for the first time since my time of the month was still there but it was finishing so it was hard. I gave up after a few attempts then I was sitting and watching the other girls have the time of their lives and I was feeling sorry for myself cause I don't know how to put on a tampon. Some of the girls were really nice and tried teaching me and telling me that I shouldn't let this stop me from trying the Flow Rider. Then, in my head I thought to myself "I can't miss this! What if this never happens again?" cause this things never happen all the time so I just changed and just went for it!

I was freaking out when I was standing at the water but the lifeguard taught me the steps and I just jumped! It's like a mini leap of faith. Hahaha!

Failed a few times, water entered my ears and eyes too.

But I got it in the end and that made me so happy!:-)

Group shot with the other girls who came! :-) . Everyone seems happier in their Roxy swimwear.

Suraya brought hulahoops so we got excited and started playing with it! I managed to last the longest! XD

Yasyka, Syafinaz, Elyna, Fitrah, Nabila, Natasha, Veeian, Cherry and I.

Found a picture of me in the catwalk class the other day.
Wah, I look so fierce here, literally. Haha! I should smile more often.

A gentle reminder about the Roxy Catwalk event this Sunday! Come to show your support to me and maybe I can even take some pictures with you after the event to thank you all for coming if there is time! :-D

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