Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emily's 21st

MY BESTIE FROM HIGH SCHOOL HAS TURNED 21 LAST FRIDAY! We had a small celebration at The Hills, Damansara Heights with her- Emily, Amanda and I wished Samantha was there to join us! It was my first time there so I was really surprised that it's sort of on a hill hahaha! The place has a really cozy atmosphere and the waiters are really friendly too. I think we went a bit overboard with the food cause there was so many to try and we assumed that our stomach can fit a lot of it inside because we were starving.

We ordered this Watermelon heart-shaped drink which happens to be their bestseller and I can see why! It's cute and it tasted good too because the alcohol taste was not really strong which is why I like it. We can even scrape the sides of the watermelon and eat it. I wonder how many watermelons was served everyday for a month and what do they do with the extra flesh that was scraped out to form the heart shape?

Emily ordered the Green Monster burger which is also one of their best sellers. The minute I tasted the green sauce, I was like O_O. I didn't like it cause it has mint in it but the salad and wedges were good. I like mint when it's in candy form not in its original form. XD

Emily the Birthday Girl looking like she's going to stab someone with the fork and with an umbrella on her hair. Hahaha!

This was mine which is the Wasabi Chicken. I love this! The wasabi was not spicy at all but you can still feel a little of the heat, the salad was good too, the dressing was different than the salad which came with the Green Monster and the wedges is good as ever!

Emily had cravings for nachos so we ordered this and it was really good too with cheese on top of slices of jalapeno with tomatoes and dip it into the chili, it was so GOOD!!! Too bad we couldn't finish this so we got it packed.

Amanda ordered some soft shell crab sushi which was really big and it tasted really nice too but too bad we couldn't finish it so it was packed too.

3 petite girls and a table filled with big portions of food.

After dinner we brought out the hidden Wondermilk cupcakes and the waiter was like hiding behind Emily trying to light one of the candles that blew out before even reaching her, he failed but we managed to surprise her with the cupcakes! Amanda and I were worried because she already received Wondermilk cupcakes a day before from her company, thankfully she likes our better cause it's smaller and it's cuter.

We gave one to the waiter cause he was really nice to us!

We brought her the present during dinner and her face was like O_O. We told her to guess and she guessed it was a Nerf gun so we just went with it! Hahaha! After we sang Happy Birthday then only we let her open the present and when she did, she screamed for joy cause it was a light saber which I knew she always wanted one cause she has a thing for Star Wars. We told her to press the button then the light saber lighted up with red light then she screamed again cause it was red like Darth Vader's light saber. We got a lot of stares from the other tables cause of the epicness of her receiving a light saber instead of girly gifts such as make-up and clothes.

We received this special birthday drink from the bartender and it tasted better than the watermelon drink! We asked what's the drink called and he told us that it's not in the menu and he came up with it on the spot which was pretty cool!

Me and her light saber which she let me play with it for a while! Now I feel like getting one for myself.

Emily made this collage and look at that girl and her lightsaber! Haha,I am glad we bought her something different for her 21st birthday instead of the usual stuff!

The next post will about the Roxy Fashion Show! I have to do a lot of catching up because I was in Ipoh for 4 days and 3 nights and the voting for he Roxy Girl competition has started so just click on the link below and vote for me, maybe drop a comment or two too if you like! :-)

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