Sunday, April 29, 2012

Roxy Fashion Show

Wow, time passes fast without you noticing and the next thing I know, I catwalked for Roxy for the first time in my entire life on the 22 April in Mid Valley Megamall in conjunction to Mid Valley Megamall's Fashion Week. The pictures are taken by Emily, my little sister and some are from the Roxy Malaysia Facebook page.

I was so nervous because this is different from the event thing that I did in Sungei Wang last time! It was so nerve wracking backstage because we can hear the crowd outside cheering for each one of us when we step out and one of the Roxy stylist kept telling us to relax your shoulders and have fun. When it was my turn, I was so nervous that I forgotten to stop and pose in the middle before walking front. The only thing that was on my head was "THINK YOU ARE MIRANDA KERR WALKING FOR VICTORIA'S SECRET AND ANY MODEL WHO WALKED FOR TOKYO GIRLS FASHION SHOW" . I hope it worked!

We have to walk out again for the Q & A session and Liang, the rapper and radio DJ of Capital FM was the host and he asked us questions randomly and we only had 30 seconds to answer it.

It was my turn for the Q&A and luckily he asked me an easy question which was, What makes you a Roxy Girl?

I told him (this is what I think I said because it was so long ago so I think I forgot a few parts), it's because I am a carefree spirit and I am willing to try new things and adventures like I am willing to bunjee jump from a tall building.

With Catherine after the fashion show.

With Cheryll, she's been walking for a few of the runway shows in Mid Valley before the Roxy one.

Nabila, Yasyka and I after the show.

Me with the very cute Sher Lynn.

Vian and I.

The Roxy stylists gave us 20 cards each to give out to our fans after the show so we went to the Roxy backdrop which was beside the runway to take some pictures and meet our families, friends and fans.

The very gorgeous Lyna and I.

My high school bestie, Ivan who sacrificed his study time to come and support me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Janaliese, me, Cherry and Isabelle.

Group shot with all of the girls! Ashley and Syafinaz received a bouquet of flowers from their friends which was really sweet. I am happy for them!

My little sister

Taking pictures with one of my fans.

We all changed into our Roxy tees after the show and I can't miss a picture with Suraya because she's been with us since the beginning and she studied in Taylor's too! Such a small world.

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P.S: My sister recorded a video of the fashion show so once I manage to rotate the video,I will upload it here! XD

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