Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

2012 Resolutions
  •  Travel to another country and meet new people there.
  • Sponsor a child through Unicef.
  • Find that special person.(This is due to peer pressure from the family,they just want to get me hitched so that my dad doesn't have to feed another person anymore.-_-lll)
  • Get an internship.
  • Give more and appreciate what I have.
  • Be more fashionable.
  • Get better grades.
  • Practice more capoeira.
  • Maintain relationships with family and friends.
  • Go to a big concert like MTV World Stage.(Cause I missed the one last year,hence I missed my chance to see Jared Leto in the flesh.T_T)
  • Sleep early to get rid of my dark circles.
  • Blog more.
  • Meet any of my favourite celebrities.(Please let it be Alexander Skarsgard,Chris Evans,Chris Hemsworth,Michael Fassbender,Jared Leto,and etc.)

Only managed to do 7 out of the 13 resolutions but oh well! To sum it up, 

-I went to Singapore and met Gary and his family. 
-I have my first proper relationship and it is still ongoing. It's going to be 4 months at the 12th of January. :)
-I kinda know what my style is (bohemian/hippy/edgy/t-shirt and shorts/lazy). Maybe not, I love to experiment with new styles.
-I got a D for the subject which I was not expecting to get a D from because of a stroke of bad luck for the second assignment(Amen to that!)
-I think my relationships with my friends and family is better than before.

Now for this year's resolutions!


  • Blog more.
  • Bake and cook more.
  • Go to a huge concert/music festival. (Gotta get my hands on those Future Music Festival Tickets!)
  • Sleep early.
  • Do work faster and more efficiently. (My slowness has to stop.)
  • Travel to a new place/country. (It has already been published on the national newspaper that I'm going to Brazil. Let's hope it does work out and more on that in the next post.)
  • Get an internship and graduate.
  • Exercise as often as I can and cut down on my sweets.
  • Love myself more. 
  • Be a better daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend.
  • Meet a celebrity.

  • Clean up my room. (Hey, it's a valid resolution when my room is a mess (Cupboard exploding with clothes, tables full of stuff and too many books)!)
  • Win something.

I really hope that this year will a better one than before! Besides, we already survived the apocalypse! XD

Here's a picture of my dogs stolen from my little sister's Instagram to make your day better! :)

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