Monday, January 14, 2013

Ice-Cream Class

I attended my first ice-cream appreciation class recently with Emily at The Bee, Publika. It was organized by The Last Polka. I first discovered The Last Polka's ice-cream when I was in university actually. The V Cafe actually sells their ice-cream and the first flavour that I have tried was Nutella. I was in love ever since. Next was the Guiness, Horlicks and Strawberry Cheesecake and etc. I think I tried all.

Sad thing is the cafe closed down last year and I never had my Last Polka fix until the ice-cream appreciation class. Just discovered that there are certain outlets which carry their ice-cream such as The Bee, Fat Spoon and etc. Now I am a happy girl again! :)

They let us try the Pomegranate+ Summer fruits sorbet first! I think this will be really good on a hot day (everyday in Malaysia).

5 Ice-Cream Commandments from The Last Polka!

Lemon sherbet that was more sour than it originally is but it's ok to me.

I think this was the Apple Pie flavour. It was awesome!!! I love the pastry bits!

Emily and I. :)

Us with the creators of The Last Polka, Ee Vee and May Yee! :D They were really nice and friendly and they really thought us a lot of what they know about ice-cream. Like the difference between sorbet and sherbet.

Sorbet- Just ice, syrup, fruits and etc (No cream/milk)
Sherbet- All of the above with cream/ milk

The difference between a mass production ice-cream and premium ice-cream is that the mass produced one is churned more hence, more air = more volume. No wonder it's cheap. They let us try vanilla ice-cream from a mass produced brand and a premium brand side by side. Boy, you can really taste the difference! Try it one day and you will have that eye opening moment. Then we got to try their own, Vanilla Bean. It's awesome!!! XD

Then they let us try some of the bad things that could happen during the ice-cream making process. The pandan one was so bad because they put in store bought pandan essence instead of using the natural one. Also because they put more to exaggerate the pandan leaf flavour. I felt that I was eating grass. Then they let us try ice-cream which is re-frozen, not churned enough and more.

Emily and I said that we will never look at ice-cream the same way again after this class. I can't wait for the next one! I heard they have tasting sessions too so I hope I can go for that!

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