Monday, January 21, 2013

A piece of Serendah

So a bunch of us planned this trip to Sekeping Serendah as a mini reunion for Xin Ni and our other UTAR buddies since she came back from Kiwiland/New Zealand. We all met up at Hon Yuen's house which is all the way in Balakong which was so far away.

Pictures from mostly Hon Yuen, Xin Ni(professional cameras) and myself(using my Blackberry).

We were trying to get to Sekeping Serendah using Hon Yuen's phone GPS and his battery was dying so you can expect how worried we were or maybe it was just me. Hon Yuen drives like a madman too cause his car is a manual car and I was sitting in the middle so I get super scared when he tailgates the cars in front of him. I was yelling at him to drive slowly cause we ain't rushing. We almost got lost because we ended up at the waterfall instead but luckily we asked someone there for the right directions. It turns out we need to go to this narrow road at a corner and drive on until we reach the private land.

The caretaker greeted us and he was very helpful and he asked us if we want breakfast for tomorrow but we didn't take that offer cause we have to pay extra and besides, we went grocery shopping at Tesco, Rawang before we headed to Serendah. Bought insect repellant too since we were staying inside a jungle. He told us that he will come set up the barbeque pit for us at 6p.m.

That's our crib for the night! XD

The bridge to our glasshouse.

The barbecue pit with outdoor seating area.

The small kitchen with a fridge, stove, toaster, sink and a few utensils are provided too which was enough for the 6 of us.

The outdoor shower.

And toilet.

The bedroom upstairs and extra pillows, mattresses, mosquito nets(THE MOST IMPORTANT THING) and blankets were provided since we had 2 extra people. Oddly,there's a sink too and you can actually lock the stairs too. My Roxy tote makes the picture more real. Hehehe!

Played Uno and Playing Cards for a while.

Chee Keen and Kai Jun. Those two can go on and on about football and when they do, the rest of us just tune out.

Xin Ni luckily told Hon Yuen to bring his tripod along so with the camera's timer we managed to take a bunch of group shots. :)
From the left: Wilson, me, Xin Ni, Chee Keen, Kai Jun and Hon Yuen.

Suddenly, we used a tissues as our prop. I was going for the farewell handkerchief pose. Kai Jun just doesn't wanna pose with the tissue.

Xin Ni and I did most of the prep work and the cooking in the kitchen while the dudes handle the barbecue pit. We forgotten bring butter or oil or salt or pepper so we had to improvise with what we have.

Then, I had a lightbulb moment and suggested we used the oil from the Mee Sedap Instant Noodles that we gave from Tesco. So we coated some of the vegetables and put it in the toaster to make something to feed ourselves cause the caretaker was late in helping to set up the pit.

Then, we had another lightbulb moment! Xin Ni brought bacon so we fried the bacon on the frying pan which was provided and used the oil from there. Bacon is so useful. XD

Boys handling the pit!

It rained 3 times that day. Once in the evening and twice at night, halfway through the cooking at the pit and everyone had to bring all the food inside so that there's no extra flavouring from the rain.

The morning after.
I couldn't sleep at all cause the guys were making so much noise downstairs. I don't know how Xin Ni and Hon Yuen can sleep through the noise. It was really cold too and there was bugs but not too many. So I eavesdropped on their man-talk. Mostly about games and why none of them wanted to sleep beside Hon Yuen even when there's plenty of space. 

Xin Ni woke up early to prepare breakfast for us which was the leftover bacon, sausages, bread and instant noodles and she was laughing her butt off when she was those 3 Stooges sleeping together.

These 3 slept on the extra mattresses that was provided. They were proud of how they folded the mosquito net so that it doesn't cave in. -_-lll

I became so kiasu over the Scrabble match between Wilson, Chee Keen, Kai Jun and I. I kept getting 2nd and 3rd! Wilson kept winning! Their nickname for me in the game was 'Kilin the Pink' and 'Kilin the Eugene'. -_-lll

We were doing the Can-Can.

Another random pose shot.

Well, I had to hold something so the potato that was left overnight on the pit it is!

I really had an awesome time on this trip! It's time like these where you can really catch up with everyone and you will focus more on preparing good food too. There was no mosquitoes at all. I did not get a single bite when I was there. *touch wood* All of us were so worried about being dinner for the mosquitoes that night but we survived. There were loads of flying insects, moths and what-nots but I don't think they are harmful.

Read reviews before we came here that the hot water shower does not last so most of us did not use the shower because it was so cold. Wilson used it and he said that the hot water will be there for a few minutes then it will become cold water, then you have to wait a while until the hot water comes back. It was RM540 per night so each of us paid RM90. We had to pay extra RM100 for 2 additional pax.

Will I go back there? Yes! Maybe I'll try out the other houses in the future when I have the budget. :)

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