Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The BIG 21

I turned 21 on the 27th of November last year which makes this post very delayed. I had a small family celebration back in Ipoh a few days before my birthday when my family and I came back to visit my grandpa who was diagnosed with Stage 3, Blood Cancer. I hate it when cancer strikes someone when you least expect it.

Pictures in this blog are taken by my family, my friends and my so I took it with permission. :)

My aunt, cousin, little sister lurking behind, grandma, mum, me and my youngest sister.

Add in my dad and minus my aunt in this picture.

Found a wild rabbit behind the abandoned dog house at my grandparent's front yard. Which is very surprising because their backyard is just an fruit orchard with tall grasses. How the bunny came from there, I have no idea but this cute bunny has a really cute story.

According to my Granduncle who lives next door, he said that the rabbit just appeared one day and she was already good friends with Fatty, one of his dogs. His dogs are huge and they were picked from the streets when they were still puppies and they are fierce. Apparently, the rabbit sleeps with Fatty and follows him wherever he goes. It's adorable! I recently witnessed it as my family and I were driving out. Fatty was walking around the bushes and you can see the rabbit hopping along behind him. :)

I finally had a birthday party with my friends! I celebrated it on the 25th since some of my friends are working on the weekdays. Thank you to my parents for paying this as a gift for my 21st! :)

We rented one of the VIP rooms in Red Box, The Gardens since there was 15 guests. I feel thankful that my friends came to my party. :)

Seriously, I am pretty sure my mum told them my name when she made the booking.

My parents almost threw a B.F when they said that the PS3 was not provided in our room. The lady who made the booking with my mum already promised that there will be a PS3 in the room so after debating with the manager, my parents won. Woot!!! 

Too bad the games they provided were not fun enough except for the Grand Tourismo 5. My little sister complained to my dad and my dad actually bought the latest Tekken game for us to play. I feel so lucky that my dad's a gamer. Nigel's face lit up and the kiasu-ness came out.

Le beau was singing to Bee Gee's Stayin Alive. Ayesha has the recording of it. It's gonna be used as blackmail when the time comes. *inserts evil laugh* . Nah, I won't do it, maybe.

Le sister, cousin and other sister.

Charmaine and Jaclyn! One thing nice is that they provide party packs so a bunch of us were playing around with it.

I thought I was under-dressed for my own party because I wore a plain top with a skirt. I had my make-up done for free at Stage, Mid Valley because I had the birthday promotion thing. But my hair was a mess and it's damaged from the colouring that the hairstylist did for a hair show back in October for Matrix. My mum couldn't stand my hair that she immediately dragged me to a saloon in Carrefour, Mid Valley to curl my hair. I wish I have someone to curl my hair for me everyday (Only in my dreams.).

So I told Jaclyn and Charmaine that I was not wearing a dress and I felt under-dressed for my own party and they wanted to smack me and Jaclyn said, I wore a dress for you and you didn't even wear a dress. Obviously, they didn't after they saw me. Thank god!

I can finally cross this out from my bucket list! My dearest best friends/homies from high school aka Emily, Amanda, Samantha, Audrey and Salena surprised me with this pinata! XD . They made my beau take me out of the room and walked around the mall for a while so that they can bring it out from the counter. Emily brought her brother's baseball bat too. I LOVE THIS PINATA! IT'S SO BLOODY CUTE AND IT'S A UNICORN/ PEGASUS!!! They know me well. :)

The beau had to stand on a chair and hold it so that I can hit it. You know how in Hollywood movies, they made it look so easy for it to explode, trust me, this was bloody hard to break open. Everyone in the room was screaming for me to hit it harder when I already am. The beau's fingers got hit by the bat too and he only told me that the party ended.

After hitting it in the air a few times, we gave up and we just put it on the floor and I start smashing it. It wouldn't break open then too. Until we tried hitting it in the air again that some sweets actually came out and slowly it broke open. I kept the head for memories cause the body is gone already.

If you're wondering what they had in the pinata, here's what it has:

-Kopiko sweets and some chinese candies.
-Gummy bears, worms, cola.
-5 G-strings
-5 condoms, I think
-Something else that is best not to be mentioned here.

I kept some of the feathers cause it's cute! :)

Later, the waiter brought out a birthday cake and Jun Hin bought me another cake from Delectable bakery, which was really nice of him. I prefer Red Box's cake cause it was chocolate and it was full of chocolate chips. Chocolate FTW!

The new official Karat family shot! :)

Now to the polaroids! Borrowed my cousin's Fuji Instax and some of her films for this. XD For some reason, polaroids makes everything look prettier.

This was taken when the girls were singing some One Direction's song to me. I can't stand One Direction, seriously.

With my high school loves!:) Samantha, me, Audrey, Emily, Salena and Amanda.

With le beau. <3

Ivan, Jeremy, and Vivien! :)

With Jun Hin! :)

Cousin, sister, sister and cousin. :)

Trying to smash the pinata.

Dickson and Joyana! One of the sweetest couples I have ever met. :) Funny story was that they went to the wrong branch because they thought I was celebrating in Red Box, Pavillion so they ended up in Pavillion then they rushed to The Gardens.

With Ibnu aka Nunu, the family architect in training. :)

With our Turkish boys! Can and Kemalcan! So sad that Berk left for France a few days before or else it would complete the Turkish boys photo.

The 3 Instagrammed photos were taken by Ibnu. He, Charmaine and I were belting out to Lana Del Rey song's all the way! :)

Nunu with one of my G-strings which has fallen out from the pinata.

Lastly, I did my part for Movember too. :)

It's one of the birthdays that I will never forget. :)

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