Saturday, February 2, 2013

First concert of 2013

THE VACCINES, The Bee, Publika. Well, I found out about their concert after seeing their poster during the ice-cream appreciation class ages ago. I went to listen to their music and it's immediate LOVE! This is the kind of rock music that I wish that the local radio stations would play more often instead of repeating the same pop songs every hour, everyday. So Emily and I managed to get tickets for it at the last minute because it was selling like hot cakes. :)

We redeemed our tickets at The Bee and since the doors were not open so we went to get some food. Emily introduced this Chilli Pan Mee shop in Publika's food court to me and that's where we had our pre-concert meal. It's really good Chilli Pan Mee but sadly the portion is smaller than normal and it's not really worth the price for that portion.

The tickets are actually different than the usual yellow thin paper! It's good quality paper and at least the words won't fade so we can keep it longer for memories. :)

Emily made me take one 'Look at my concert ticket!' shot. I don't think we were dressed for the occasion. I'll tell you why as we go on.

We started lining up at 8pm and already the crowd was building up. There was even people asking around if anyone was selling tickets as it was sold out. Emily bought their album while we waited in line. Since it's an 18 above concert, the ushers checked our ID's and bags before we could enter. A bunch of people in front of us couldn't get it even after they got the wristband already cause they were underage. It's good that they were strict with it.

The moment we walked in, a bunch of girls carrying cigarette boxes suddenly said Hello to us. We don't smoke so we just went on into the crowd. The bar was open too so many people were getting drinks and chilling as we wait for the Opening Act which was The Rubens. To be honest, I did not check out their music beforehand so I don't know what to expect but all I know is, they opened for The Black Keys before. So I guess they have to be good right?

They were AWESOME! Like seriously good! They all drank beer instead of water. The vocalist has a really good voice. Emily has fallen in love with keyboardist. I think they sang about 8 songs or more.

They had an accent so we initially thought they were British but after the concert, I went online to listen to their awesome music again and found out they were Australians. Nice. Check out 'My Gun' and 'Never Be The Same'. The vocalist said '' is his personal favourite and he played the keyboard while singing this song. :)

After waiting for them to change the instruments and the entire crowd screaming for The Vaccines and they finally came out after 30 minutes! XD

The crowd went ape shit and a bunch of dudes started creating a wall of death out of nowhere and I was wearing my wedges so can you imagine Emily and I being pushed from  left to right and almost falling down numerous of times?

I almost got kicked in the head by some random dude who was so-called crowd surfing. I was hanging on to my handbag too because I'm paranoid and I was so unprepared for this to be a rock concert.

Emily and I were expecting it to be a chillout concert because their songs on Youtube seems to be really chillout but boy, we were so wrong! Lesson learnt.

All in all, they were AWESOME!!! They are the type of band that will engage the crowd and that's what I love about them! I went apeshit when they sang 'Post Break-up Sex', 'If You Wanna', 'Teenage Icon', and 'Wetsuit'(The crowd went extra apeshit for this one.).

I think they sang all of the songs from their album and I heard after the concert they even have an autograph session! Too bad I can't stay long for it. What's even more weird is that there was the 40+ age group of people at the concert too. We didn't know that old people listens to their music too.

Our after concert look. We still look good. :)

My legs thankfully is still able to help me walk down the escalator which has been switched off. Seriously, at least leave it on until every single human leaves the mall. Emily was sitting at the escalator and called me crazy  for being able to walk down after the damage inflicted from the concert.

We took some mugshots in the washroom.

The side mugshot.

The girl is very proud of her bag which is from H&M which was almost snatched away by a snatch thief.

The Rubens and The Vaccines welcomed our 2013 with a blast and next would be Future Music Festival Asia! I got a good feeling that loads of awesome bands are going to perform in Malaysia which is good for us but bad for our purses.

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