Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo from Mexico!

Got a letter from Mexico yesterday and I knew it was from Regina cause she told me she was going send me something when we had our last Skype session last year,time passes fast when you least expect it!She sent me this beautiful picture she took when she was in New York for her part-time job in an art magazine.I really think she takes really beautiful pictures!Her pictures that she took when she was in Turkey are really beautiful too!You can check it out here in her Tumblr,unless you're Spanish or you can read Spanish then you will understand what's she blogging cause I can't even read or speak Spanish haha but I go there to look at her pictures.

Well,it's time for me to start replying her postcard!I have been procrastinating to send postcards to my friends and host families and it is because of Skyrim.Skyrim has taken over my lifeless life and also my duty as the driver for my little sisters.Skyrim is awesome,once you start playing it,you can never stop...XD

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