Monday, January 30, 2012

So how was Foster The People?


Samantha,me and Emily after the AWESOME concert!

I'm so surprised that they really sound much better than their CD live and their voices are not auto-tuned at all.If I knew they were that awesome,I would have bought the ticket closest to the stage!I went with my best friends since high school and I drove there and boy,we should have took the train cause the traffic was so bad and everyone was starving and we didn't have time to even eat.

The good thing about driving there was that we had a heart to heart conversation and updates and occasionally singing to some random song on the radio,it's moments like these that are worth the leg crams from stepping on the brakes all the way to KLCC.

I got their album on the spot before the concert and I got free badges so I gave one to Emily.Samantha immediately got their album after the concert cause she has been hooked by them.:)

Hopefully they will come back again and if they do I will get the most expensive ticket so that I will be closer to the stage and I can oogle at Cubbie and the 2 Mark's and also cause THEY ARE WORTH IT!XD.

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