Saturday, February 11, 2012

Escort for hire

I had some weird and random encounter last week when I was in a bank. I was just waiting in line(cue the Raygun song) to use the ATM to deposit some cash cause I did some online shopping again, when suddenly a man who was waiting in line next to me, started talking to me.

Man: Hi, you have a very nice complexion and your height is also decent. Would you like to work for events?
Me: Umm...sure?
Man: Good, my name is R* and I'm from Singapore. I am selling duty free products especially luxury goods and we need girls like you to help us sell those products to our important clients.
Me: Ok...
Man: Here's my card. I'll contact you soon.

Luckily, it was already my turn so I just left immediately after that. I didn't expect the dude to contact me anymore after that day but he did call around 11a.m the next day and his call woke me up from my awesome possum dream.

Man: Hello, this is R* from yesterday. Did you just wake up?
Me: (half asleep) yes...
Man: How are you going work when you wake up so late?
Me: I'll wake up early when there's a job.

Then, he goes on saying how he wants to meet me for coffee so that he can explain it to me further about the jobs he offered. I told my friends and family about it and they were very worried that he will turn out to be one of those con man and I had those suspicions too.

He was pretty insistent for a while so I just went to visit one of his work events so that I can see what he's actually doing and I brought my little sister and cousin and Shurong too, in case anything fishy happens.

So I went and saw that there was tables filled with branded watches and he seemed pretty happy that I came and he told me about his part time workers there, how long they have worked for him and he how usually pays on the spot after the job is done. He kept insisting me to talk to his workers which were students around my age to validate that he's not some con man.

He brought to some Chinese restaurant nearby so that he can tell me more. He sort of shooed my sister, cousin and Shurong to go to another place so he could be alone with me. Then he treated me to lunch and I was like watching his every move in case he tries to put something into my drink or food. So while we're eating he was explaining to me about the type of jobs he did like promoting products, selling stuff in booths, workshops, roadshows and then he said the word ESCORTING.

I was like O_O.What kind of escorting you ask? Well, he said sometimes he will have very important clients coming over and they want a nice beautiful girl to accompany them for a day. Then, he said, this is not the type of escort that you usually heard of from those bars or clubs because my clients are very rich businessmen, the creme de la creme(however you spell it),the high society people with high buying power.

Man: The reason I really want you to work for me was because you can do a job as a promoter and as an escort.If you want fast money then you can earn about RM500-RM1000 per day if you work as an escort.
Me: Oh...ok...
Man: Not everyone can work as an escort and we will always train our girls before we send them to their jobs. So which job do you want to do first? Actually when you told me that your parents don't trust me,I got cold feet(In my head:Say what?-_-lll). I don't really like mummy's and daddy's girl to work for me cause they are not open enough to try new things or take risks.
Me: I would like to start slow and I'm pretty open minded but of course I still have to tell my parents what I'm doing right.
Man: I understand. I come from a conservative family. I was a Cambridge student also and I usually hire people that don't smoke and have good behavior so that if anything happens,  my business license won't be revoked.
Me: Uh-huh...ok.

After lunch with him, we went back to the place where he's selling his watches and he had to go help adjust someone's watch strap so he was busy for a while then I went to do some investigating so I asked his part-time workers if he's a trust able person and the dude said, well, I'm just working here cause he pays the cash upfront but since you're a girl, I suggest you be a little careful. In my head, I was thinking, WHY ME?!. Then, R* came and he said, if you work for me you will learn business skills that they will never teach you in university and it will give you exposure to important people since you're studying journalism and networking is important for you when you want to interview an important person. My little sister called me at that moment to ask if I was ok and her called sorta helped me to get away from him. So I said gooodbye and told him I would tell my parents about it.

Meet up with my sister and the others at a nearby cafe and told them everything that happened and when they heard the word ESCORT, they were like O_O this too. Hahaha! Told my parents about it and they almost went bananas after they heard the word ESCORT. My mum said, He's a PIMP! DON'T CONTACT HIM ANYMORE!. I know it's a serious matter but their reactions are so funny. Hahaha!

I told R* that I can't work for him and he said he expected it but he hoped that we could go out to get some coffee someday and asked me to ask my friends if they are interested with the job offer. No way Jose that I am gonna let my friends work as escorts. I feel bad for ignoring but I did sense something fishy was going on as he was talking to me that day so I shall trust my intuition.

My god this is a really long post. I really hope that my story will help you guys to be more careful to whichever stranger that approaches you and ask you to do something that your heart is telling you not to do even if the money is very tempting. Just ignore the person even when the person calls and if that person is still persistent, go to the police. Of course, for my case, the dude is still trying to contact me and I'm ignoring it. Hopefully,he gives up and leaves me alone.

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