Friday, February 17, 2012

Buddies with the Australians!

I got a chance to to be buddies with 20 exchange students from University of South Australia with some other Malaysian students too. They have been here since Sunday and they're leaving next weekend. So far it has been pretty fun! I was nervous before I met them because I have never did this buddy thing before but it was nice to meet people from a different part of the world! Most of them are really friendly and excited to be in Malaysia. Here are a few pictures to give you a better look.

I tried the fortune sticks for the first time and my fortune is not that good.:(

This is Lilian, she's actually from China but she has been in Adelaide her whole life. She's really nice!:)

Group picture in front of KLCC!:)

This is Aimee and we're the same age and she was the first one I had a proper conversation with and she's really friendly too.

I'll be going to Malacca with them tomorrow and initially we, the Malaysian students were not suppose to follow them to Malacca but the Australian lecturers were so kind and willing to sponsor us to come along because they want us to spend more time with the Australian students. So thank you so much for sponsoring us, Dr. Tracy and Ms Skye!:)

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