Sunday, February 26, 2012

First time attending a funeral

Many things happened to me these past few weeks,one is,I found out that my grandfather passed away right after I got back from the Malacca trip with the Australians. To be honest,I was shocked and I couldn't believe it because he got back from the hospital 3 days before he passed.I had to go for a dinner with the others too and the very same day so I nearly did not want to go for the dinner but my parents said I could go so I did went for the dinner.

After the dinner,I got the lowdown from my parents that he passed because he had heart problems or something.Then, the next few days was his funeral procession. He told my parents how he wants his funeral to be arranged a long time ago before he passed away. The funny thing that happened was after the ambulance came to the scene, my parents wanted to call the police to report his death but before they could do that,the man from the funeral services called them already. Do these funeral services people have a hotline from the hospital or something?

So my dad arranged according to my grandfather's wishes, no praying monks, no burying and no burning paper stuff. He wanted to be cremated and release his ashes to the sea in Klang. Even the man who helped us with the funeral said it was his first time organizing such a simple funeral.

One of my cousin cried the whole 3 days but I didn't, I know I should but I couldn't. I feel sad that he's gone but I am happy that he's with his master right now, not suffering from any sickness. I do get teary a little if I think about him.

The boat that we took to release his ashes into the sea.

The one with the sunnies is my cousin who cried throughout the funeral. She's smiling for the picture.

A funny picture cause my cousin is picking his nose and my uncle is asking my other cousin to take pictures with his phone.

We sail a little further into the sea.

The patch of flowers showed where we dropped his ashes.

Bye-bye grandfather!

P.S:The sea was so polluted omg,I can just imagine the amount of bone debris under the sea.

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