Monday, February 13, 2012

First shoot with Wesley

I finally had a photoshoot with Wesley after procrastinating since last year. We were always discussing online on having a photoshoot so that he can practice his photography but we never had the time or he forgets about it.Hahaha!Fei Sin and Shurong came along too to help out a little.

Since it was sort of the first time I'm doing this kind of stuff, I felt like such a noob cause I didn't know much poses and my expressions were a little fake too but I did my best!These pictures are the nicest ones.

This was my first lying down shot and I love this one the most!I was going for the piercing through the lens look.

Fei Sin wanted to try silhouette shots so this was with Shurong.

I have a love-hate relationship with this picture.

Also another love-hate relationship with this one.

Love this cause of my colourful top looks so awesome here!

Love this too cause I didn't spoil the picture.Hahaha!

I need more practice on posing and expressions,I need help from Coco Rocha!:)

Anyway,I am a little nervous and excited for the luncheon in another few hours with the Australian students that are in Malaysia for a study tour. They're currently staying in my university's hotel called Ruumz. Hopefully they're nice and I will be able to make some friends there.

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