Friday, July 12, 2013

First Mivva Box of 2013!

Ok so I gotta onto the beauty box bandwagon thanks to Samantha, who got herself the February Mivva Box and it had really good stuff! Very delayed post since it's July already but I'm going to review it anyway.

Was pretty excited when my package arrived!

But once I opened it, I was aww,man! Totally forgotten that it was Mother's Day so all the products they sent are for mature skin. I passed the box to my mum and said Happy Mother's Day and she was like What??? She didn't want anything from the box. -_-lll

Danahan RGII Premium EX Deep Wrinkle Line Cream. Which I might try one day when I feel like it. Not that I have any obvious wrinkles but maybe it might lift my face a bit, who knows.

Garden of Eden Jojo E Serum, O'slee Rosehip Cleansing Powder and Nature's Lab Antioxidant Scrub.

Claire's Organics Handmade Soap.

Gave this to my mum cause it's some Detoxing treatment.

I tried the sleeping mask and it gave me glowing skin the next day but I noticed some spots appeared on  my cheeks too so I stopped using it. The pains of having sensitive skin. I don't even know what it is sensitive to.

Description of the products which is a good thing cause some of the samples did not put directions on how to use the products.

Some pamphlets and vouchers from the brands featured in the box.

A Mother's Day card!

In a way, I assumed that they will check my beauty profile on the website and send me products based on that profile so I was disappointed. I thought they would at least consider it since my age is clearly stated there and I did not request it to be a gift box. Lesson learn, do not buy boxes which falls on special occasions like Mother's Day unless you are planning to get one for your mum.

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