Monday, July 22, 2013

First Bag of Love!

Got time to squeeze in a blogpost before I start on work! I was assigned to write a 2-page advertorial on one of Origins new product! If only I was given the product to test it out. :(

Last month, I wanted to get a new make-up bag and I heard from Samantha that there's Bag of Love, where every month they give you a make-up bag with some products inside for you to try out! I checked the reviews for the previous bags online and I was curious so I ordered my first bag and it turned to be the June bag!

So cute! Love the colour because it's bright blue so it fits the summer theme perfectly and the size is decent as well! I can definitely fit a lot of my make-up products inside!

Another prove that it can fits loads of stuff is because the full-size bottle of the Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening Lotion (Long name!) can fit inside nicely! It also came with Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Intensive Mask. I have never heard of Clairol before but after trying out the products, I think it's pretty good! :D

- Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening Lotion= I like it that it drys quickly and it has SPF so I put it on before going out under the Sun. It has a subtle floral smell too. Whether I got fairer or not, that's not sure yet.

- Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Intensive Mask= Both of it smells good and using both together made my hair softer and more moisturized! This bag came just in time too because I got my hair coloured not long ago so it needs the moisture.

There was a sample of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT, samples of Cremorlab skincare and a Definite Foundation Brush! I haven't tried out the Cremorlab skincare and the foundation brush yet. A bit scared to try out the skincare because of my sensitive skin.

Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT= I LOVE THIS! It smelled refreshing and sweet! I let my friend tried it out and she bought the full-size bottle immediately! The only downside is that it doesn't last the whole day cause the scent is light.

Some vouchers and pamphlets that came with the bag. I think I'll pass them to my friends. :)

Will I be subscribing again? YES! Because they give cute make-up bags every month that contains make-up brushes, sample perfumes and other beauty products! :)

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