Sunday, May 19, 2013

Roxy's Dare Yourself Day 3: Mid Valley Fashion Week!

I bet most of the other Roxy Girls were waiting for this event the most! We had to go shoe hunting for shoes which are strappy and with at least 2 inch heels and either in beige, white or pastel colors.

Initially I wanted to hunt around Sungei Wang or Times Square since they sell cheap shoes but I ended searching in Fahrenheit instead because there's a floor with quite a number of shoe shops.

The minute I saw these, I was like omg, I need to try this on! I did, it was comfortable and the best part was it was only RM45 because it was on the sales section. Like say what!

However, I did not do the 'walk around the shop for 10 rounds' in these shoes because I was rushing to get dinner before the shops starts closing. So when I walked in these during the fashion show rehearsal, my toes kept slipping out because my feet was sweating like Niagara Falls cause I was so nervous. That made me walk like a clumsy duck and I was advised to get peep toe shoes since my toes kept slipping or get padding for my brown heels. Then I realized that the shoes were too big for me, that's one of the reasons why it kept slipping out so easily.

So I was upset that I didn't do very well at rehearsals because of my shoes, my nerves and I tortured my poor feet. So after rehearsals we girls went to get brunch then I went shoe-hunting with Ana, Natasha, and Ramona.

I couldn't find any white or nude peep toes at all from the usual chain stores like Vincci and Nose but luckily I found one really pretty pair from VOIR.

Thankfully my toes doesn't slip out too much in this pair. 

All of us got our hair done at A-Cut Above, Mid Valley and make-up done in Inglot! They had to put our hair up in a bun so that our curls can last longer until the fashion show.

Me and pretty Diandra after hair touch ups and in our fashion show attire!

Some pictures credit to Dustyhawk, Senri, Roxy and Kelvin. :)

Some touch ups at Inglot too. I wish I can wake with nice hair like this or maybe looser waves.

Celine, Ana and Yasyka, all looking gorgeous! 

Hats galore in the Roxy store!

Actually I have been aiming at this dress for the longest time, even before the fashion show! So I was really happy that I got to wear this dress for the fashion show! I think it was fate. I was known as the bride for that day cause I wore a cute peach rose hairband too.

Pretty Kimberly and Dora! 

It felt like a red carpet event. Grateful for everything that has happened.

Omg, I was so nervous and I watched the video to see how I did at the catwalk. Gawd, I was walking too fast and posing too fast. Mum said I wasn't smiling big enough. Too nervous and scared to do that, mum!

My last pose. Thanks to whoever that has managed to capture this.

I seriously love Kimberly's dress cause it's blue. I love blues and purples!!!

It was a night to remember. Being able to do this again is really an honor and the girls made it more fun and awesome! I love everyone's outfit! This year's collection is way better than last year, more pretty dresses and  tops! I wish I could have it all!

Here's the video about our entire Roxy experience from Day 1- Day 3! Hope you enjoy it! :D

P.S: There was this really yummy mochi that was served during the Fashion Show and I really want to eat some again. Sadly, I don't know the brand so if anyone knows the brand please let me know in the comments. :)

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