Friday, July 19, 2013

Interning in a magazine

Well, just yesterday the results for my final semester was out and I managed to get a Distinction for International Media Communications, which is a shocker cause I thought I was just passing that subject. I was happy to see everyone's Facebook status cheering that they passed their degree! I'm relieved that I didn't fail a subject in my degree that's for sure and proud that I managed to get a few Distinctions!

Since 1st July, I have been interning in a magazine as part of my working experience which is needed for my final semester. I won't mention it here in case I could get in trouble for it but it is not as glamorous as everyone assumed. Well, I'm not getting paid for it, that's one but I am interested in the magazine industry and this magazine was one of my favourites so I guess my interests is more than the pay. I got an offer with another company before this one and they pay interns but the thought of travelling into Kuala Lumpur everyday through the jam, just puts me off. It's times like these I wish the MRT has completed its construction.

Anyway, my first day was boring but I met 2 more interns so I was glad that I'm not alone. I was staring at the computer screen doing nothing cause I was worried that if I log on to any social media sites, I will be yelled at. But if others could go into theirs so I did it too like a boss. The weird thing is no one briefed us about the rules or the lunchtime or the attire. Basically, you're on your own. After lunchtime, we finally got work to do. All I had to do was research the Fall/Winter 2013 collection and pick some designs from a number of designers and pass those pictures to the Fashion Stylist. After that, I had to cut paper. Well, at least they didn't make me go out to get them coffee or something. Then, I had to drive all the way to Bangsar to return some clothes to a boutique.

Most important thing to remember is, never ever tell them you have a car. You'll be driving all over just to take loans and return loans. Thankfully, you can claim for your petrol and toll. The good thing is you can leave the office early to do your loans and won't freeze to death under the air condition which I am experiencing now since then.

So what do I do as an intern?
-Cut papers and do some archiving when it's close to the deadline.
-Drive everywhere for loans.
-Research and write about beauty products.
-Interview people and get them to try out some beauty products. (Met a reader for the hair section of the magazine on Wednesday for a hair makeover.)
-Help with photoshoots.
-Call places and people. (Just last Tuesday, I was calling cafes and restaurants for the entire day.)
-To be continued...

I never appreciated Fridays until I started interning. I hope this can give you a little insight on what to expect if you ever enter into the magazine company for your internship. :)

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