Thursday, April 18, 2013

One FC the first time

A very outdated post but I got to attend the One FC Championship on 2 February in Putra Stadium for the first time thanks to the beau and his friends who managed to get free tickets for us! I got to know about One FC through this XBox Kinect game called 'UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System'. It was my workout game other than the 'Dance Central' game. I almost kicked my dad's precious speakers down multiple times because there wasn't much space to move around.

So many people were like, 'How come you know about UFC?'. From that Kinect and sometimes you can watch it on TV too. But according to my friends, UFC is more extreme than what we're seeing in One FC. However, I don't know who are the famous fighters until that day. I guess these kind of events and sports are getting more popular in Malaysia. Muay Thai and MMA especially cause more people are taking classes because of fitness or just because it's the trend or they really want to be a fighter!

These are the only clear pictures that I have from the event so bear with me. It was so cool to actually see the Octagon in real life and hear the MC shouting their names to welcome them to the ring. First-blood happened during the first match too. So fast got blood shed. Found out that usually there's not much blood shed during the matches but during this event, there was so much blood shed.

Nah, a small pic of the Ring girl for dudes. I wonder what are the requirements to be a Ring Girl. Shall add that into my bucket list. Be a Ring Girl for a fighting match.

That dude in black tight shorts was a silat fighter. I was like 'Damn,he's super fit just like his super tight shorts!'. But of course, how can a silat fighter beat a Muay Thai fighter? I don't think I have seen any silat moves too.

Ok I seriously think he picked the wrong theme song for this match! He was one of the most awaited fighter because he never lose a match at all! But thanks to his theme song which is 'Never Say Never'-Justin Bieber and Jayden Smith, I think that totally killed his mojo and it cursed him. Which was why he lost and his match was so boring, I think I almost fell asleep.

Given that chance to go again to these kinda events, I would so go!!! It's really interesting to see everyone from different walks of life with different martial arts background fight for their honour. GAH, I MISS CAPOEIRA!!!! :(

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