Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 Post CNY Hair Colour

I am so grateful to have met Melvin who did my hair during the Matrix hair show that I did last year because now I can probably call him my go-to hairstylist(Well, depends on his schedule.). Another plus point is he doesn't charge me a cent. I'm like 'How is this even possible?!'. He told me he can't charge me or he'll get sued by the company because he's using us to test colour outcomes of the hair dyes from Matrix. So I baked him some puff pastry to repay him for giving me free hair treatments, hair colourings, hair cuts and hair products! XD. It's also because I was too lazy to make red velvet cupcakes, though it is my specialty but it's a lot of work.

Some Pain Au Chocolate that actually looks like decent puff pastries. I put some Dove Dark Chocolate pieces inside each. It was my first time working with puff pastry(Bought pre-made ones from Giant.) so I was experimenting a lot so I made a lot of different shapes and I even made some cinnamon sugar ones which didn't go well cause the sugar burned as it was baking. I even tried making croissants and the first batch of that does not look like a croissant but I got better at it as I made more. :)

This is my hair before. Roots growing out and the highlights have faded and the colours too until it became this awful brown. What's even worst is having your mum nag you every single time she notices your hair.

Guess that was the tipping point for me. I immediately made an appointment with him.

He saw my hair last year when I brought Vivien to get her hair coloured and cut for free by him also and he told me that I can't get any guys with that hair. I was tres offended and le heart shattered even when I was already with my beau that time. She's going  back to him to touch-up on her roots once she gets back from Sarawak too and he's still doing it for free. We need to treat him to dinner someday.

Meet my handsome and tall hairstylist, Melvin! He curled my hair but obviously the curls disappeared after a few hours. -_-lll

Had dinner at Secrets of Louisiana at night and my hair was super red like Hayley Williams red hair.

Now it has faded into this brown colour. :)

Initially I was suppose to re-bond my hair because mum was nagging even after I coloured my hair because I still have frizzy hair because my hair grew and I was not born with Asian straight hair like other girls. I have wavy hair.What's a girl to do?

So now I'm in a dilemma on whether to rebond my hair or if I should go to touch up my roots. I really want to try out the new range of purple dyes that he told me that would be out around June.

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