Thursday, April 18, 2013

Very late CNY Post

Horrible of me, I know! Blogging about Chinese New Year on April only. I willingly send myself a fail-whale! I'm having my 2 weeks mid-term break now so I'm utilizing as much as I can. Plus, I had to cover quite a number of events for Taylor's Inkslingers newspaper next week. Busy like buzzing bee~

Every year, my family and I will always go and pray at the temple before the first day of CNY so we did. Then, we found out that I was still one of Goddess of Mercy's godchild and when you're her godchild, you can't eat beef. So I have been sinning since I was a kid. Thankfully, I wasn't aware about it so it's not considered as sin. My late-grandfather was suppose to get my name of her godchild's list when I was 16 but I guess he forgot to do it and the parents assumed I was already released so I was eating beef as much as I want. Now I can't even ask for a release until the day I got married. -_-lll Guess I have to take this as a no red meat diet. First week of no beef sucked and I accidentally had Mekong House's Beef Noodles so I tried compensating by being vegetarian the next day. I was half-dead already before dinner time. However, I am A-OK now! Still sad that I can't have beef but I can get over it. :)

We had a reunion lunch at New Paris, SS2 I think. Food's good! All the pictures are taken by my cousin.

Reunion lunch with the dad's side first so with the cousins from the top, Kye Tze, Kye Jan (My lil sis) and  bottom, Kye Ci, Kye Ernn and Kye Chin (My lil sis also).

Le sisters. Everyone always say we all look different.

My familia. Picture out of focus so it's clearer is it's small size.

Grandma with her grandkids! Grandma has Alzheimer so hopefully she won't forget about us.

Anyway, then we zoomed to Ipoh the next day and had grandma's cooking also. I love grandma's cooking, her sweet and sour vegetable stew is DA BOMB! It's one of those dishes where they longer they are stewed the better the taste. :) Thinking about it now, I'm already missing it!

Grandpa's suffering with leukemia now and he's been discharged from the hospital because he said he doesn't want to suffer anymore so he's brought back home. Now we're just waiting. :( I hope all is well.

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