Sunday, March 11, 2012

So-called modelling part-time job

I call it the so-called modelling part-time job cause we had to walk on stage to promote eco-friendly T-shirts which we can't keep after wearing it. :-( Nevertheless, it was an experience that I will never forget! This happened in January but I'm only blogging about it now cause I finally got the pictures from the Facebook page! Click 'Like' to support it!

A friend was looking for some anyone who wanted to be models for 2 days for an event. I asked if we needed to be experienced or anything but no experience needed so I took it since I had no other commitments and we got paid decently too. On the first day the event was held in the National Science Centre, which thankfully I did not get lost on the way because I haven't been there before. I was really nervous too since I don't know anyone there and I don't even know what I'm going to wear.

It was good cause I met a bunch of people who mostly came from my university and other universities and some are even working or just finished high school. We had to attend the talks too so it was really interesting what this project is trying to make the public understand more about living eco-friendly.

All these pictures are taken from the Facebook page cause it was taken by the photographer hired for this event so all credits go to him. These pictures were taken before we dressed up for the runway hence, I was in flats and all our faces were still clean. Met Datuk Chua Soi Lek too cause he was the one who opened the event. I was thinking that he sounds really familiar and then I found out that he was the politician who had his sex tape revealed all over the internet last time. Shockingly, people still want him as the head of the MCA.

Miki, Syarizah, Sabrina, Joey and Janet. The dudes behind are Kei Ron and Sean.
Random fact: Miki is Janet's younger sister and Joey is their cousin. Syarizah, Sabrina and I go to the same university too but so far I haven't bump into them yet.

Janet, Joey, Coey, Miki and Sabrina and I forgot the name if the lady behind us but she's sort of our boss too.

Top: Coey, Evelyn, Sabrina, Miki, Syarizah, Me and Joey. Bottom: Janet, Gillian, Maple and Nabilah.
Just found out that Nabilah is engaged! Congratulations to her and her fiancee!!!:-)

The brand that we had to promote is... I am so sorry but I have forgotten. The weird thing is, you can't even find it in shops here. A man came to do our make-up and it turns out he wanted something edgy so lots of black eyeshadow and super thick false eyelashes which feels super heavy on my eyes. There was not enough time to finish everyone's make-up so some of us had to do it on our own. The guys are lucky that they don't need to put on any. The fashion show started with a group of dancer dancing on stage then we all one by one come in from different parts of the room. Pretty messy and it was too fast too but it wasn't too bad I guess.

Everyone after the fashion show.
So after the show we had a little break before the next speaker comes who happens to be Dato Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen, the Minister of Tourism Malaysia.

She said  something really ironic during her speech. Something like how her house is really small and she has 100 over species of plants in her garden. I was like, O_O, Say WHAT??? Dude, how can your house be small when you live in Putrajaya and you have a garden that can accommodate 100 over different type of plants? You're a MINISTER too. I think her term of small is a bungalow or something. LOL.

This was just the first day wait till you read about the second one.


  1. lovely photos. xx

    1. Thank you!But most if it are taken by the professional photographer so credits go to him.:-)

      You are so pretty and I love your fashion style!I'm going to follow you.:-)


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