Sunday, March 18, 2012

Joined the Roxy Girl competition

Eating Pocky in class to stay awake!:-)

Hello again! I was asked to join the Roxy Girl contest while I was walking to Esquire Kitchen to get dinner in Sunway Pyramid on Friday. The girl sort of used her 'I want you to join' aura to bring me to the Roxy store. Then they will pick some Roxy clothes for you to wear then they will take pictures of you! They will then pick 3 of your best pictures and upload it to the Roxy Malaysia Facebook Page and you have to ask your friends to 'Like' your picture. The voting session hasn't started yet so there's still time if you want to join this! I heard that 50% is chosen by the heads of Roxy Malaysia and another 50% is based on the 'Like's. So GOOD LUCK! :-)

I got a polaroid picture of my outfit as a souvenir and also a bracelet which happened to be too big for me.
I think I was the last person to do this for that day and one of the girls told me I have the Karen Mok feel. Hahaha! The girl who brought me to the shop was worried that I would be underage cause I look young. She also thought I had mixed parentage. -_-lll

I hope I didn't trouble the girl who took my picture cause I don't know much poses and I was super hungry and tired too. I had a bad experience with Facebook 'Like' kind of contests so I am just going to go with the flow~if I get a lot of 'Like's then it will be AWESOME but if I don't, it's fine...Fate shall decide.

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