Friday, March 16, 2012

Nature Republic Liquid Eyeliner

So I am on a hunt to find the best eyeliner that are less then RM50 and which comes from those Korean Beauty Stores like Nature Republic, The Face Shop, and many more. I couldn't find much reviews of products from those shops online so I thought maybe I should start one. So I did some testing on my hands and this one passed so I got it. Tried the pencil and it was not concentrated or smooth so it's out.

Goo Hara from Kara.

What made me buy this eyeliner from Nature Republic was because Kara was one of the ambassadors for this brand (Goo Hara was wearing this eyeliner and she looked so glam and I was hoping that it would be good.) and I was running out of liquid eyeliner. They had a 10% discount too and I tested it by rubbing it and by washing my hands so I can conclude that it's does come off easily when you rub it but it is Waterproof after it's dried like it claimed to be. It's RM36 something after the discount.

It's not a felt tip but a brush and it glides on really smoothly.

Notice the difference on my lips? It's because in the before picture, I was not wearing the Revlon Lip Butter. In this picture, I was wearing it and the color is Peach Parfait, the one Emma Roberts was wearing in the advertisement. :-)

Still have not master the art of applying liquid eyeliner, it took me more than 10 minutes and I had to use an eye make-up remover to make the lines neater. It sort of irritated my eyes too when I tried lining the inner corners of my eyes.

Price- 4/10, kind of pricey in my opinion.
Packaging- 6/10, I find it very easy to hold the brush with the handle.
Quality- 7/10, It's really pigmented black with no glitter and if I compare it to the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black, this one wins hands down!
Removal- 8/10, If you ran out of eye make-up remover, you could always rub it off or wash it off with warm water.
Staying Power- 8/10, I wore it since 9a.m until 8p.m and it stayed on really well, just that they were a few dropouts throughout the day. Could be from my mascara though?
Will I buy it again- No.

One day, I shall try Hara's look! Line my eyes with loads of eyeliner and add some falsies too. It's going to be a busy semester as usual so hopefully I plan my time more wisely so that my blog won't be neglected. Ok time for bed for me! Night!

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