Monday, March 5, 2012

Farewell moments 2

A day before the Evanescence concert, they organized a dinner at TGIF Sunway Pyramid so I went for it and it was Sarah's birthday too!:). To add more guilt to myself, they paid for our(Taylor's students) meal again. They are so generous, I think I'm going to cry.

Can't remember what I ordered but it's from the appetizers section.

Tom and Sarah! Tom's coming back on the 12th so I'm pretty excited to see him again and this time he's bringing his partner too!

Birthday girl making her speech using the Chilli sauce bottle.

The things the staff in TGIF do to tease the birthday boys and girls.

My face was like  O_O when I saw it and in my head, WTFBBQOMGSOEXPENSIVE!!! I wanted to contribute at least RM50 but they wouldn't let me.


Zech, Lilian, Caitlin, me, Sarah and Li Ng.

Additional people: Tom and Ally!

Ally and who's fingers are those?

Rachel of course! She's so tall and pretty like people's heads would literally turn whenever she walks.

Lucy! After looking at this picture, I think I look a little like her, just give me some blue contacts, some make-up and a little tan.

Lilian! She's such a sweet person and she's a shopaholic, literally.

Jamie! She's the one who went to the massage in the J.W Marriot Hotel with me and the tongs stealer. Hahaha!

Joanna! She's one of the triplets actually which was pretty cool cause I haven't seen triplets before but only she came and not her sisters.

Emma works in the Adelaide Zoo actually but she doesn't get to touch the animals, she just does the paperwork stuff. Still pretty cool!

Rebecca aka Bec. She's so nice and funny!

Tom! Such a nice guy and he has a boyfriend who's from Kuala Lumpur but currently living in Adelaide.

Philip aka Phil. A really cool dad to a very cute baby girl name Indiana! We have the same taste in music and I just found out that he used to play in a band! Cool!!! That's not Rachel's hand btw.

Finally a decent picture with no bunny ears. Philip asked if I needed him to squat so that we'll be the same height but I said I need prove that you're super tall so he didn't.

Jake! Didn't really talk to him much but he seems to be a pretty fun guy and this time in the picture we have 3 pairs of bunny ears. LOL

I didn't get to take pictures with everyone though but there are always group pictures and facebook so fingers crossed that we'll still be in contact.

Just something random, my dad actually went through all my facebook pictures and has finally come to a conclusion that I look best at my left angle so he said, from now on, you must only take pictures with the left side of your face. -_-lll. Thanks for the info,dad....LOL

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