Sunday, March 4, 2012

Evanescence and Farewell moments

On 23rd February was the last day where I got to hang out with some of the Australians before they leave the next day and also it was the same day as Evanescence's concert! So I took the train and walked to Pavillion to meet up with some of them but most of them left early cause they have to get ready for the farewell dinner on the same night which I did not go cause I have to go for Evanescence! I was pretty sad that I can't go for both, if only I can split myself into two and what if Evanescence never came back to Malaysia? Our country already has a bad reputation cause the government just had to bring up some religious crap to prevent people from performing music which has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION and to make things worst, Erykah Badu had to cancel her concert last minute cause of that.

Anyway, back to the topic! So I was expecting to just walk around on my own since Michael, Jamie and Kenny wanted to get a massage at the J.W Marriot Hotel nearby so I thought I just drop them off over there then I'll walk on my own. My plan didn't happened cause they insisted that I join them for the massage too and I told them that I didn't have enough money cause it costs about RM175 for a 50 minutes massage but Michael was like I'm gonna pay for you so you have to come for the massage! Which made me feel more guilty cause they're paying again!>_<

All of us chose to get the Malay massage since we're in Malaysia! Hahaha! Then, they put our phones and wallets into a safety box that will be kept in the counter because the lockers are not super safe. Then Jamie and I was escorted to the ladies side and the guys to the guys side. The staff brought us to the changing rooms with has rows of toilets, showers, lockers and huge mirrors with toiletries, weighing machine and hair dryers. So it was really nice! Inside our lockers there was a bathrobe which was too big for us, a pair of slippers/ tongs, and a bunch of plastic bags.

So Jamie and I were thinking if we should strip everything off or just leave our undies on cause it was our first time going for a body massage. Plus, we were too shy to ask the staff but I did eventually. So keep undies on! After we changed into the bathrobes, we were sent to the lounge to wait while the masseuse gets ready. Even the lounge is so cozy and they have drinks at the side too! I didn't bring my camera with me so I didn't take any pictures. We didn't get a chance to try the jacuzzi though!

Then, we were brought to the massaging room and both of us were in the same room and it was pretty dark and they asked us to lay flat on our front, and the masseuse asked I wanted light or medium pressure. I went for light cause if I went for medium I think I will be bruised all over. I finally got to try those massaging tables where there's like a little doughnut thing to put your face on it where you see in movies!XD. So Jamie and I were talking a little bit until she heard the guys' voices next door. Then, we started laughing and then the guys heard us too. Turns out that the room is only separated using a wooden slide partition thingy.

The massage was really nice but when she started massaging my thighs, I wanted to laugh so badly cause it was so ticklish but I managed to not do it because they will push the pressure up and down. 2 days later after the massage, my body ached.

Once we're done with the massage, they brought us back to the lounge and they gave us Ginger tea.  I hate ginger but the tea was really refreshing after the massage. After tea, we walked back to the changing rooms and Jamie said she really liked the tongs and she wished she could keep them, so I just randomly said, then hide it in your bag or something. She did and she took my pair too! LOL.

The boys paid for our massages apparently cause Kenny is dating Jamie so he paid for her and I guess Michael was being really nice cause it's kind of like the last moments we may see each other again so he paid for mine. Add more guilt to me! They took a taxi back and I was alone walking around Pavillion, Lot 10 and Sungei Wang. I had dinner at Lot 10 in the food court and had the famous beef ball noodles cause my friend is working there and he gave me a discount too cause his boss is not there. It was a really good discount until I thought my eyes have gone cuckoo. He was shocked that I was walking around alone, dude can't a girl walk around alone? Of course it's pretty dangerous too but my go to way of avoiding attention is to not make eye contact with anyone. After dinner, I went to Sungei Wang to get some souvenirs for the Australians.

Then I had some stupid moments with a bunch of douchebags which I will not state here cause they don't deserve it, can't believe I even had the slightest trust on them. So thanks to them, I was rushing to the concert venue cause I was almost late and Emily was waiting for me but I luckily reached KL Live on time. A few minutes later after we got it, they started playing! Amy is so pretty, sweet and her voice is like O_O, MINDBLOWING!!! I didn't get to do much jumping cause I was carrying the souvenirs that I bought and I was tired from the walking and Emily was tired too so we just did a little head banging and screaming and tip toeing. I really suggest the concert organizers to make people line up according to height so that short people like us can actually get a good view.

I need a better camera especially for concerts.

Me and Emily after the concert!:)
I am glad I did not miss this concert cause Evanescence not only sang their new stuff but a lot of their old songs too! Famous ones like 'Bring Me To Life', 'Call Me When You're Sober', 'Lithium'(I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN SHE SANG THIS!I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG!),'My Immortal' and a few more! She ended with 'My Immortal' and after the song the drummer threw his cymbals or however you call that yellow disc in a drum set to the audience. Emily and I thought if he ever threw that thing our way, the first thing we would do is RUN cause don't you think that thing can actually hurt someone of you threw it really hard. Anyway, it was a nice day and I really hope Evanescence comes back to Malaysia soon!

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