Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hoot hoot to The Owls Cafe!

The Owls Cafe is not like the owl cafe in Japan where you can find real owls flying around inside the cafe but they make up for it with the cute and kitschy owl decor! They finally introduced brunch meals a few months back so my friends and I made our way there to check the cafe out. We were most excited for the waffles!

However, parking will be an issue so you gotta do The Parking Chant (Invented by my uni friends and I, the driver and the passengers just need to repeat I'll get parking/ We'll get parking/ Someone's going to give me their spot/ etc, while POSITIVELY visualizing the parking spot in your heads. It works, trust me! Tried & Tested!) as you enter the shop lots. It worked for me after circling around for 10 minutes. The cafe is one floor above a restaurant at the same row with Hong Leong Bank.

Isn't the mural adorable? :) This sitting area is for a group of 5 or more. Come during the day to take loads of Insta-worthy shots!

Samantha's the coffee addict and Audrey's the candy queen while I'm a bit of everything. :P

Do take note that the brunch meals are only available from 9.30am-3.30pm daily.

I got me some Muffin & Lox (RM18) which is a British Style English Muf fin with Mascarpone Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon served with Tomato Salsa, Red Dragon Fruit Puree & Balsamico Reduction. Somehow, cheese, salmon and dill will always be a winning combo. The salsa was nice too. I just wish that they gave  more salmon slices and salsa for the price that we're paying.

Samantha got the Baker On The Go- B.L.B (RM18) which is a 180 ºC oven baked buttery fl avoured Crispy Croissant with Juicy Breakfast Lean Beef sliced with flavoured Cheddar topped on cheese sauce & mayonnaise, served with Salad & Fries. The beef was overcooked so it was a bit dry. The criss cross fries was crispy but when you try stabbing it with your fork, it just breaks into pieces. 

While Audrey got the Baker On The Go- Morning Daisy (RM16) which is 3 Farm Eggs scrambled to perfection in golden & soft texture. The scrambled eggs were overcooked too sadly. Portion for the meals were just nice for a small eater but not for someone with a big appetite like me. I guess small portions are great too because you'll have more rooms for desserts! :D

Cameras are out because...

The Queen (RM21) is here! Crispy waffles topped with three homemade ice-cream, a macaron and sprinkles of icing sugar and coconut flakes, a sight to behold for sure! I'm not sure if the ice-cream and macaron flavour changes but we had the Vanilla, Earl Grey and White Chocolate with Lavender ice-cream and Mango macaron. 

Everything was delicious! The ice-creams was not too sweet and you can actually taste the Earl Grey flavour and the rest. The waffles was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, I guess that what makes it a great waffle!

Here's a close up, I love how the strawberry was cut to look like a flower! I like how they put effort in the food presentation here. Also, waffles are only available from 12pm-5pm daily.

Magic (RM8), that's the name and the reason I ordered this cuppa. I didn't know what to expect but after researching, according to Good Food, 'magic' is a double ristretto - about 45ml of syrupy espresso - topped up with milk in a 150ml tulip cup
Well, I never had a ristretto before but apparently, what makes it 'magic' is the creamy mouthfeel of well-textured milk. The foam cream was sweet so it balances out the little tinge of bitterness from the ristretto.

KL rates:
Food- 7/10
Price- Typical cafe pricing (RM16 above for meals, RM6 above for drinks)
Service- 7/10 
Variety- 7/10

One thing's for sure, I will definitely be coming back to try the other waffles and desserts!

For more information, check out their Facebook and the menu.

12-1, First Floor, Block 5, Jalil Link, 
Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, Bukit Jalil,
 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating Hours:
Tue - Thu:
9:30 am - 7:00 pm
Fri - Sat:
9:30 am - 11:00 pm
9:30 am - 7:00 pm
Closed on Mondays.

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