Thursday, December 11, 2014

Have some healthy gourmet coffee with Luvoco!

Ever drank coffee that has Ganoderma Lucidum, more commonly known as Lingzhi in it? I never heard of it or even tasted it until I had a taste of Luvoco (Love of Coffee), the healthier gourmet coffee. Created by Gano Excel Industries who's the leading producer of organic Ganoderma and it has the largest plantation in the world.

Reasons this 'king of herbs' is good for you:
- It helps to flush out the toxins in your body
- Strengthens your immune system
- May help in preventing and treating diseases such as cancer, diabetes and many more because it contains more than 200 bioactive ingredients!

Curious, I made my way to Luvoco's launch at Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South. Whats really special about Luvoco coffee capsules? It has 100% water soluble Ganoderma Lucidum extract, means you're getting generous amounts of healthy vitamins from that and the coffee too! Win win situation!

I felt that I was under dressed, my smart casual attire had more casual in it then smart. :P It was a little intimidating as there was many businessmen and women. But, there was an orchestra troop who played famous pop songs like Fireworks by Katy Perry which was pretty cool! Classy but cool! 

After the launch, we were then ushered to the next room where we got to try the three coffee capsule varieties which are Amoroso- Smooth & Gentle, Raffinato- Refined & Distinct and Classico- Rich and Deep.
I went for Amoroso first, it was a bit sour so I don't really like it but it's a light coffee and surprisingly you can't taste any Ganoderma at all.

We got to vote for our favourites by dropping some coffee beans into the vases that was set up along each booth.

My favourite blend was the Raffinato, it was just the right amount of bitterness and it comes in a variety of flavours which you can add to your coffee! The winners to me was the vanilla and hazelnut! The only downside is that you have to add in the flavour syrup yourself and you have to purchase it separately.

Whereas, for Classico, it's a strong black coffee which is not favourite type of coffee unless it's so good, in this case, it was ok. I rather stick with the Raffinato.

I like the machine's design, it's a simple to use machine with a modern look. The size is not too bulky either so it'll fit in nicely in your kitchen, office and room, if you don't like to share. :P

Chairman of Gano Excel Industries, Mr Leow Soon Seng (fourth from left) and Director of Gano Excel Industries, Mr Leong Ting Yu (third from right) posing with their products and good looking models.

Thank you for the goodies, Luvoco! I can't wait to try the Gano tea in my new cup! The notebook is really nice too with a generous amount of sticky notes! Everyone needs sticky notes!

The camera made me look so white but I'm glad the picture turned out nice! :)

For inquiries on Luvoco do check out, or .

If you want to buy it, contact Hugo Lim, Global Representative of Gano E Worldwide at:
Phone: +6012-337 6008


On a random note, the beau and I had lunch at San Nae Deul Korean Restaurant after the event and we ordered the lunch sets that were available. Surroundings wise, it is a nicely decorated restaurant with attentive staffs too but food wise, now that's a different story.

It was one of the worst meals I have ever had. After a few difficult spoonfuls, I gave up. The sauce was thick and it tasted like a refrigerator. It was mushy and very unappetizing. Actually it made the beau and I lose our appetite after eating this. I don't think we are ever going back there.

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