Friday, November 7, 2014

illy Coffee Workshop and a clutch?

Surprisingly, coffee is still trending these days and after working on my coffee article for female Magazine Malaysia (September 2014 issue) which you can take a look below, I grew more interested about the beans. I worked hard researching and interviewing fellow coffee enthusiast which I think some of you might find familiar. :) To be honest, I'm more of a tea person but sometimes, you just need coffee to function.




So last month, I won a pair of invites to a illy Coffee Appreciation Workshop, thanks to TimeOut KL! I invited my dear friend, Shad to come along and we made our way to Università del caffè della Malesia , fancy schmancy name!

Each of us got a cup of coffee of our choice before the workshop started. I went for the latte which was really nice and smooth! Then, we were given a little intro about illy, coffee and how to distinguish good and bad coffee.

They made a couple of really bad espressos and good ones to let us guess which is good or bad. You'll know it's bad when you get a burned or a super sour taste and that taste will stay in your mouth for a long time unless, you brush your teeth or something. It won't even be drinkable because it was so bad but apparently, most cafes around here serve really bad coffee according to the experts. Also, Malaysian's palate prefers a bit of bitterness in our coffee too.

Then, it was our turn to make a latte. They showed us how to work the coffee grinder, espresso machine and how to froth the milk to form latte art! I was in charge of the espresso and Shad is in charge of frothing the milk. The machine was really intimidating and, the milk steamer scares me.

Our work! I did the leaf and Shad did the heart! Not bad for our first time, huh? I have a new found respect for baristas who are really passionate in their work, it's not easy juggling so many orders and trying to brew a perfect cuppa every time.

We also got an important warning from the experts, NEVER EVER ORDER COFFEE THAT COMES WITH 3D LATTE ART!!! I got told off by him because I asked if he could do 3D latte art. 

So why we shouldn't order that? Well, coffee is best taken hot so by the time, the coffee reaches your table with the pretty art on top, the coffee would have lost it's freshness and the crema would be dry, so basically, you're getting dry and cold coffee. If you want a cup of coffee that wouldn't go bad after sitting for too long then opt for the cold options.

He made these so fast! Super cute designs too!

Shad told me to pretend that I'm enjoying coffee in the highlands. 

While she drank to the hardworking coffee farmers!

Overall, it was an interesting workshop! I learned some really cool tips and tricks which I can't wait to test out when I'm checking out cafes!

Group shot with the other participants! Shad and I were the lucky ones to hold the empty coffee tins. :P

On another note, if you are looking simple and chic clutches that is just the perfect size, do check out Hashtag Malaysia ! I got this lovely clutch from them and I love it! I have my eye on the neon designs too! Better get a few before it's gone! ;)

It comes with a detachable chain strap too that's not too heavy too!

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