Friday, November 21, 2014

Chilling at PULP on a rainy day

Well, I finally had time to check out the famous PULP by Papa Palheta which originated from Singapore. My friends and I actually drove past the cafe without knowing there's no obvious signage other than a wooden door located in a factory lot. It's great that it doesn't need any flashy signs to attract fellow coffee enthusiasts. It was a nice place to chill while waiting for the rain to stop. :)

Since it was our first time, we asked for some recommendations from the barista based on each of our preference for our coffee. Since I wanted to try their tea and coffee wise I want something not too strong, he recommended the Cascara for me. It's a mix of coffee and tea which actually gives out a sour plum-ish taste. 
Definitely an acquired taste because the friends were not fans of it but I find it alright. Somehow, I felt like I was drinking some herbal soup instead of drinking coffee. I do taste a bit of sour plum but other than that, it's a light cuppa. 
Cascara- RM12

Samantha's becoming my cafe hopping partner and she always orders a cup of Flat White or Latte first before trying other varieties. She said it doesn't have much kick so I guess she needed one more shot in her coffee. :P
Espresso + Milk- RM10

Now in front, we have the Carrot Cake and at the back, we have the Baked Cheesecake. Both tasted mediocre to me, the cheesecake was dense, not fluffy. I think the selection of cakes were curated to complement coffee so the coffee made the cake taste a little better and vice versa.
Carrot Cake- RM10
Baked Cheesecake- RM8

I got meself some Hot Chocolate to keep me warm and I really like it! You can really taste the slight bitterness of the cocoa and the sweetness was just right! :)
Hot Chocolate- RM10

The deets!

My advice is to come on weekdays instead of weekends because there's not many tables available so once it's full, you gotta wait for someone to leave. Also, the baristas would have more time to explain or recommend something just for you too so it's more special than the usual! :) You can really feel how passion for coffee as they suggest different blends to suit your taste buds. Don't expect brunch meals here, they only have cakes, pies and popcorn which sold out before we could try.

KL rates:
Food- 4/10
Price- About RM10 for a cuppa 
Service- 7/10 
Variety- 6/10

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